therapeutic cloning

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Team Clones Stem Cells From 75-Year-Old's Skin

Technique could be used to produce tissue perfectly suited to patients

(Newser) - A team of researchers has made a sure-to-be controversial breakthrough in both stem cell and cloning research, creating stem cells from two adults using cloning techniques. The researchers took DNA from skin cells from two men, aged 35 and 75, and injected it into unfertilized eggs whose DNA had been... More »

Stem-Cell Researchers Can Pay Women for Eggs: NY

State stands alone in controversial decision

(Newser) - Counter to prevailing policies and scientific guidelines, New York has become the first state to allow publicly funded embryonic stem-cell researchers to pay women for their eggs. It lifts a huge obstacle for research, proponents say, likening it to eggs donated for in-vitro fertilization. But the $10,000 could be... More »

Cloned Stem Cells Best for Parkinson's

Study finds mice's own stem cells most effective vs disease

(Newser) - Scientists have found that embryonic stem cells effectively treat Parkinson's disease in lab mice, but only when the cells come from the sick mouse's own clones, Reuters reports. The study, published in Nature Medicine, created "therapeutic clones" by transferring cell nuclei into mouse egg cells and growing them into... More »

3 Stories