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It Now Costs More to Get Your Money From an ATM

Well, at an ATM not related to your bank, that is

(Newser) - Consider this: $4.52. No, it's not the price of a venti Frappuccino—it's what the average American is forking over this year for each time he or she uses an ATM that isn't part of their bank. The $4.52 is a sum of what your... More »

Unemployed Stung by BofA Fees on Benefits

Big banks benefit from debit card programs

(Newser) - Bank of America has retreated from plans to charge a monthly debit card fee , but some of the people who can least afford it are still being stung. In South Carolina, one of several states that have contracted with BofA to deliver unemployment benefits through debit cards instead of checks,... More »

Banks Jack ATM Fees, Blame Reform

Chase is experimenting with a $5 fee for non-customers

(Newser) - If you’re far from an ATM belonging to your own bank, brace yourself to shell out a few bucks. Banks across the country are hiking ATM fees, reports. Chase, for example, is charging non-customers $5 to use their ATMs in an Illinois pilot program—and that’s... More »

Prosecutors Detail 244-Stab Attack on French Students

'Unmitigated evil' ended grad students' lives in London, says prosecutor

(Newser) - Prosecutors yesterday detailed an "unimaginably" horrific attack on two French students in their London apartment by home invaders seeking the men's ATM pin numbers, reports the Times of London. The gifted biochemistry grad students, who had been in London just two months to attend school there, were bound in... More »

Killer: Georgia Hiker 'Wouldn't Stop Fighting'

Drifter tells cops she very nearly bested him in 3-day ordeal

(Newser) - The Georgia hiker kidnapped on New Year’s Day used every ounce of her formidable strength, martial arts training, and wit to stay alive for 3 days, her killer told authorities. Gary Michael Hilton said Meredith Emerson fought back tenaciously when he demanded her ATM card, and managed to stall... More »

5 Stories