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Global Warming Battle Hits Malibu Beach

Wealthy homeowners pay millions for temporary solutions

(Newser) - Malibu's scenic Broad Beach is vanishing between the rising sea and the sea walls homeowners are building to protect million-dollar properties from global warming, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ocean levels are projected to rise at least a couple feet in the next century, wiping away this and many other... More »

What Hollywood Will Pay to Be in Malibu: Anything

Top rental fetches $150K per month

(Newser) - US real estate is hurting, but the top price for a beachfront summer rental in Malibu hit $150,000 this year. The area is flush with homes valued at or above $10 million—a bracket unaffected by the housing slump. And Tinseltown's elite is happy to pay. "Recession? What... More »

2 Stories