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$700B Goes a Long Way in Space—and on Earth

Bailout bucks could fund 7 space stations, pay salaries for 16M teachers

(Newser) - With the Treasury Department now in charge of figuring out what holes to plug with its $700 billion in bailout bucks, the San Francisco Chronicle takes a look at what else that money could do. Some highlights:
  • Hire 16,062,414 public-school teachers.
  • Pay the average weekly wages of 22
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Surprise! Existing Home Sales Jump

February's 2.9% rise surprises analysts; median price tumbles unprecedented 8.2%

(Newser) - Existing home sales stunned Wall Street today with an unexpected spike, Bloomberg reports. The metric rose 2.9% in February to an annual pace of 5.03 million. Analysts had predicted yet another decline, to a 4.85 million pace. But one economist said this was only a “temporary... More »

2 Stories