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Virtual Desktops Brings Work Close to Home

Citrix, Intel system may make it easier to leave office behind

(Newser) - The line between work and home keeps getting blurrier. Citrix and Intel are teaming to create a system that will make it easier for people to access work files from their personal laptops or home computers, the Miami Herald reports. The files wouldn't be on the personal computer's hard drive,... More »

Tech Darling VMware Falls on Microsoft Posturing

Virtualization forerunner can't compete with Redmond chatter

(Newser) - Tech player VMware has experienced its own private Silicon Valley bubble in a single seven-month stretch: The virtualization software pioneer skyrocketed in value after its August IPO, and has since fallen apart on mere intimations of competition from Microsoft. The company, which allows computers to run multiple operating systems, has... More »

2 Stories