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Tapeworm Thought to Be Only in Asian Salmon Found in US

'They're wild animals. They're going to have parasites'

(Newser) - It turns out that a parasite thought to be confined to fish from Asia is in fish around the US, too. Researchers identified the Japanese broad tapeworm, aka Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense , in wild pink salmon caught off Alaska, they report in a study in the CDC's Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.... More »

A Bite of Salmon Put Him in a Coma. The Waiter Was Arrested

A criminal negligence charge could be the first ever made against a server in Canada

(Newser) - When Quebec resident Simon-Pierre Canuel went to dinner at Le Tapageur restaurant with his partner in late May, he ordered beef tartare and says he repeatedly told their server that he is allergic to seafood. But when he began to eat he quickly realized he'd gotten the salmon tartare... More »

One Salmon Now Costs More Than a Barrel of Oil

Weird times we're living in

(Newser) - It's seemingly simple supply and demand that has led us to this point: We now live in a world where a 10-pound salmon is worth more than a barrel of crude oil, a Norwegian seafood-industry site reports, via Bloomberg . This "collapse" in the cost of crude, as Bloomberg... More »

FDA Approves 1st Genetically Altered Animal for Eating

It 2 decades for the FDA to approve what opponents decry as a 'frankenfish'

(Newser) - The FDA made history Thursday when, for the first time ever, it approved a genetically altered animal for human consumption, the Washington Post reports. After two decades of what the FDA calls "exhaustive and rigorous scientific review" the AquAdvantage salmon will be hitting supermarket seafood cases. According to ABC... More »

After Blood Transfusion, Boy Allergic to Peanuts

And fish, in 'extremely rare' case

(Newser) - An 8-year-old boy in Canada never had any problems eating salmon or peanuts. Then, within just a few weeks of getting a blood transfusion as part of his treatment for brain cancer, he ate salmon and experienced a severe allergic reaction within 10 minutes. The same thing happened when he... More »

Biggest-Ever Dam Removal Frees US River

Salmon already returning to Washington's Elwha River

(Newser) - The biggest dam-removal project in history is complete and Washington state's Elwha River is running freely for the first time in more than a century. A blast yesterday destroyed the final 30 feet of the 210-foot Glines Canyon Dam, completed in 1927, on the Olympic Peninsula. The older, 108-foot... More »

Millions of Salmon Migrating ... by Truck

California's drought makes normal annual rite too risky

(Newser) - In drought-stricken California , young Chinook salmon are hitting the road, not the river, to get to the Pacific Ocean. Millions of six-month-old smolts are hitching rides in tanker trucks because California's historic drought has depleted rivers and streams, making the annual migration to the ocean too dangerous for juvenile... More »

Now You're Cooking With ... a Dishwasher?

Latest food fad is poaching salmon and washing your dishes at the same time

(Newser) - For those too lazy or cheap for a microwave, NPR looks at the fabled art of ... cooking in a dishwasher. Yes, this is an actual thing that people actually do, and apparently it's growing in popularity. The "traditional method," writes Michaeleen Doucleff—who says her mother has... More »

Top Supermarkets: We'll Boycott FDA's Frankenfish

Trader Joe's, Aldi, and Whole Foods among chains swearing off frankenfish

(Newser) - A cadre of major US supermarket chains say they want no part of the genetically modified salmon the FDA is currently considering approving, or any other frankenfish the food industry might devise. The FDA is in the final stages of approving a fast-growing fish from AquaBounty Technology that combines two... More »

Sam's Club Recalls Smoked Salmon

Listeria concerns prompt move in 42 states

(Newser) - If they're serving smoked salmon at the New Year's Eve party, it might pay to find out where it's from. Walmart's Sam's Club is recalling packages sold in 42 states because of concerns about listeria, reports the LA Times . The product in question is from... More »

Here Comes 'Frankenfish'

Genetically modified salmon clears FDA hurdle, likely to be approved soon

(Newser) - Americans will likely be digging into the first meal from a genetically modified animal—a salmon—in about a year. The FDA has declared that salmon engineered by AquaBounty Technologies is safe to eat and poses no threat to the environment, reports the AP . The ruling makes it all but... More »

Oceans Acidifying at Highest Rate in 300M Years

Columbia researchers warn of dangers to marine life

(Newser) - Industrial emissions are causing the oceans to acidify at a fast rate—the fastest in 300 million years, say researchers from Columbia University. That could spell danger for sea creatures. In the last century alone, the pH of the oceans dropped by 0.1 units. That's 10 times faster... More »

Lethal Virus Hits Pacific Salmon

Atlantic salmon disease has devastated fish stocks elsewhere

(Newser) - The backbone of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem—and a multi-billion dollar industry—is in serious danger, scientists warn. A lethal and highly contagious virus has been found for the first time in wild salmon in the region, having possibly spread from fish farms that imported millions of Atlantic salmon eggs,... More »

Coming to Your Plate: Genetically Modified Salmon

But critics say there's a transparency issue

(Newser) - The FDA has declared a genetically engineered salmon safe for human consumption, putting it one brief swim away from a supermarket near you. Dubbed AquAdvantage Salmon, the Massachusetts-bred fish have been enhanced with a gene from an ocean pout—an eel-like fish—that allows them to grow all year round,... More »

Why I Finally Love Farmed Fish

Former skeptic Josh Ozersky sees benefits to the earth

(Newser) - Not even a fish-loving foodie can justify the environmental cost of wild-caught salmon . "If I could, I would only eat wild," writes Josh Ozersky for Time. "But I can't in good conscience." Sure, farmed salmon's "taste is duller, the flesh flabbier, the finish forgettable."... More »

Alaska Exports Salmon Vodka

Sounds gross, but apparently people order it

(Newser) - Wasilla, Alaska, is about to become known for something other than Sarah Palin: vodka flavored with smoked salmon. The scary-sounding liquor is the brainchild of the Alaska Distillery, and there was “some madness and some drunkenness involved” in its creation, one partner tells the AP . “I was trying... More »

Genetically Altered Salmon May Be on Tables Soon

FDA reviewing first engineered animal for consumption

(Newser) - A side of growth hormone with your salmon? The FDA is giving what the New York Times calls serious consideration to genetically altered salmon. The first public meeting will probably take place in the fall, and the frankenfish could be on tables in 2 to 3 years. Genetically altered crops... More »

Salmon Protections Strike Calif.'s New '49ers

Gold prospectors banned from using 21st-century dredgers

(Newser) - Prospectors seeking to join California's new gold rush are facing an upstream battle amid moves to protect the state's salmon stocks. Suction dredge mining, which uses gas-powered machines to scrape gold from river beds, has been banned while its environmental impact is reviewed, a process expected to take until 2011.... More »

Paris Anglers Again Catch Salmon in Seine

(Newser) - "A world of slime without human form": that was how Victor Hugo once described the Seine, the murky, polluted river that divides Paris in two. Yet recent efforts to clean up the river, from skimming the surface to pumping it with oxygen, have led to a resurgent fish population... More »

In Alaska, Melting Glaciers Cause Land to Rise

Glaciers receding 30 feet each year

(Newser) - Around Juneau, Alaska, climate change is causing an unexpected problem, the New York Times reports: As glaciers melt, the land is rising away from the sea. The change—10 feet in about 200 years—is enough to dry up local streams and wetland habitats, and is the result of land... More »

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