Carrie Fisher

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Carrie Fisher Had the Perfect Gift for a Sexual Predator

Don't mess with Carrie Fisher

(Newser) - With the Harvey Weinstein scandal engulfing Hollywood and people around the film industry wondering what can be done to prevent sexual harassment, the late actress Carrie Fisher may have the best answer yet, even from beyond the grave. Last week, Heather Ross, a screenwriter and friend of Fisher's, told... More »

Harrison Ford Gives a Harrison Ford Answer on Fisher Affair

He finally addresses their alleged extramarital fling—kind of

(Newser) - Han was allegedly not so Solo while making Star Wars in the mid-'70s with Carrie Fisher: The late actress, who played Princess Leia, revealed in her 2016 memoir, The Princess Diarist, that she had a three-month affair with Harrison Ford, who played Solo, during the making of the movie.... More »

In Moving Essay, Dan Aykroyd Recounts Romance With Carrie Fisher

'A privilege and honor'

(Newser) - In a moving tribute in Empire , Dan Aykroyd describes falling in love with, and ultimately getting dumped by, Carrie Fisher. They met on Saturday Night Live and got involved while filming Blues Brothers, eventually moving in together. They considered marrying, even getting blood tests to determine compatibility, and Fisher whispered... More »

Here's What Death Certificates Reveal for Fisher, Reynolds

Questions remain as to Fisher's cause of death

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher's death certificate has been obtained by TMZ , but it doesn't answer many questions. It lists "cardiac arrest/deferred" as her cause of death, which means more testing, including toxicology testing, needs to be done before the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office can figure out what... More »

5 Reveals From Carrie Fisher- Debbie Reynolds Documentary

'Bright Lights' hits an emotional nerve

(Newser) - HBO's Carrie Fisher-Debbie Reynolds documentary premiered Saturday; People and Vanity Fair list some of the biggest reveals and emotional moments from Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds:
  • Their bond was incredibly close and complicated. Says Fisher at one point in the documentary, "I’m trying to
... More »

It Appears Carrie Fisher's Urn Is a Giant Prozac Pill

And it's kind of perfect

(Newser) - It appears Carrie Fisher's final resting place will be...a giant Prozac pill. A photo tweeted from Friday's private memorial service for Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, shows Fisher's brother Todd carrying what appears to be an urn in the shape of a Prozac pill. The... More »

Billie Lourd Speaks on Loss of Mom, Grandma

Carrie Fisher's daughter thanks those who gave 'me strength during a time I thought strength could not exist'

(Newser) - One day, everything was chugging along for Billie Lourd. Then within the space of 36 hours, her mom, Carrie Fisher, died after a heart attack , and Lourd's grieving grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, died after saying "I want to be with Carrie. " It took the 24-year-old Lourd til Monday... More »

Carrie Fisher's Death Could Mean $50M for Disney

It would be the biggest single personal accident insurance claim of all time

(Newser) - For those already cynical about how Disney will probably "shamelessly [CGI] Carrie Fisher's face into episode IX," as one Twitter user noted last week , another possible reason to be cynical: Disney could actually be reaping quite a windfall from Fisher's death, the New York Post reports.... More »

New Orleans Parade Honors Carrie Fisher

Tap-dancing Princess Leias led the way.

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher was honored New Orleans style Friday as thousands of people joined a parade in honor of the late star and her most famous role. The "Interergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus" Mardi Gras crew organized the parade through the city, which featured many marchers dressed as Princess Leia and... More »

Reynolds Once Worried She Wouldn't 'Survive' Losing Carrie

Meanwhile, a new documentary on the mother and daughter is set to air next year

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds filmed a final love story before their deaths: their own. HBO's Bright Lights: Starring Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher is "about both of them trying to stand upright, both having their frailties—age on the one hand, and mental illness on the other,... More »

Heartbroken Debbie Reynolds 'Went to Be With Carrie'

'We have lost a unique talent and a national treasure'

(Newser) - Hollywood is a sadder place with the loss of beloved star Debbie Reynolds, who died Wednesday , just a day after the death of daughter Carrie Fisher. The 84-year-old Reynolds is believed to have suffered a stroke at son Todd Fisher's home while planning her daughter's funeral, the BBC... More »

On Heels of Her Daughter, Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84

She was 84, suffered apparent stroke after daughter's death

(Newser) - One more tragedy: Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds died Wednesday at age 84, just after the death of daughter Carrie Fisher. "She wanted to be with Carrie," son Todd Fisher tells Variety . While planning her daughter's funeral, Reynolds was rushed to the hospital for a possible stroke, sources... More »

Carrie Fisher Finished Star Wars Filming Before Death

'She was our great and powerful princess,' Lucas says

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher is gone but she will live on through her books and movies—including Star Wars: Episode VIII, which won't be in theaters for almost a year. Sources tell the Wrap that the 60-year-old Fisher had completely finished filming her role and all necessary reshoots for the movie,... More »

Cinnabon Slammed for 'Tasteless' Carrie Fisher Tweet

It 'was genuinely meant as a tribute, but we shouldn't have posted it'

(Newser) - Cinnabon retracted a tweet and apologized Tuesday after trying to use Carrie Fisher's death to sell cinnamon buns. The company faced a backlash from the beloved star's fans after the tweet, reproduced here , which used a bun to depict Fisher's famous Princess Leia hairstyle and had the... More »

RIP Carrie Fisher, 'Strangled by Her Own Bra'

And everything else you need to know about the woman who was more than a princess

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60 Tuesday, four days after suffering a major heart attack. Here's how the world is saying goodbye to the writer, actress, and mental-health advocate who will always be Princess Leia to millions: More »

Carrie Fisher Dead at 60

The actress and writer passed away Tuesday following a heart attack

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher died Tuesday at the age of 60 following a heart attack suffered Friday during a flight from London to Los Angeles, People reports. Her death was confirmed by a family spokesperson via a statement from Fisher's daughter. "It is with a very deep sadness that Billie... More »

Carrie Fisher 'Stable' After Heart Attack

Mom Debbie Reynolds tweets an update

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher remains hospitalized after suffering a heart attack, but she is in stable condition, her mother tweeted Sunday. "If there is a change, we will share it," wrote actress Debbie Reynolds. "For all her fans & friends. I thank you for your prayers & good wishes.... More »

Carrie Fisher Remains in Intensive Care After Reported Heart Attack

Her condition is unclear

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher remains in intensive care following a serious cardiac episode Friday aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles, the Guardian reports. Her condition remains unclear, and her brother tells USA Today that many reports on her health have been nothing but guesswork. "We have to wait and... More »

Carrie Fisher Suffers Heart Attack During Flight

The actress' brother says she's 'out of emergency'

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher is "out of emergency" and in stable condition following a major heart attack Friday during a flight from London to Los Angeles, the actress' brother tells the AP . Emergency officials had told the Los Angeles Times that Fisher was in critical condition following a "cardiac episode.... More »

Han Solo and Leia Slept Together. For Real

Carrie Fisher reveals secret 'Star Wars' affair in new book

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford slept together a long time ago on a movie set far, far away, only this time it didn't result in a son with a thing for masks and patricide . Fisher reveals the affair she kept quiet for nearly 40 years in her new book,... More »

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