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Han Solo and Leia Slept Together. For Real

Carrie Fisher reveals secret 'Star Wars' affair in new book

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford slept together a long time ago on a movie set far, far away, only this time it didn't result in a son with a thing for masks and patricide . Fisher reveals the affair she kept quiet for nearly 40 years in her new book,... More »

Carrie Fisher Has a Message for Ageist Haters

'Youth and beauty are not accomplishments,' she writes

(Newser) - Some moviegoers have been quick to point out that Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia in The Force Awakens isn't quite as dashing as she once was. "Carrie Fisher is this angry, loud mouth, fat woman now," one viewer wrote on Twitter . "Princess Leia got fat,"... More »

5 Celebs Who've Struggled With Mental Health

And what they had to say about it

(Newser) - Drew Barrymore has been opening up about mental health issues recently, first revealing she struggled with postpartum depression after the birth of her second child, then later talking about her childhood, during which she was "institutionalized" at a hospital for the mentally ill at age 13. The Chive rounds... More »

Carrie Fisher: Princess Leia Will Be Back— and 'Elderly'

Confirms role in upcoming 'Star Wars' movies

(Newser) - Excellent news, Star Wars fans: Princess Leia will live to see another day. In a recent interview with Palm Beach Illustrated , Carrie Fisher confirms that she will reprise the iconic role in the new films coming from Disney . Fisher pictures Leia as "elderly. She’s in an intergalactic old... More »

Debbie Reynolds Hospitalized

She has to cancel 3 months' worth of shows

(Newser) - Debbie Reynolds was hospitalized after a reaction to medicine she was taking, and it's serious enough that doctors ordered her to cancel 3 months of concerts, reports Fox News . The 80-year-old actress and singer made her name in 1952's Singin' in the Rain and later had a high-profile... More »

Carrie Fisher: We've Always Known John Travolta Is Gay

Old friend is 'sorry he's uncomfortable with it'

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher opens up about all things gay in an in interview with the Advocate : Being left by babydaddy/CAA superagent Bryan Lourd for another man; the many gay fans who turned out for Wishful Drinking, her Broadway one-woman show; and her old friend John Travolta. Apparently, he can come out... More »

'50s Crooner Eddie Fisher Dead at 86

Teen idol's career was overshadowed by divorce scandals

(Newser) - '50s-era singer and TV entertainer Eddie Fisher has died following complications from hip surgery. Fisher, 86, sold millions of records and once had legions of teen fans, but his career eventually became overshadowed by the scandalous ends to his marriages to stars Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor, AP reports. More »

14 Scandalous Celeb Memoir Revelations

Note to Demi Moore: Here's what you should aim for

(Newser) - Demi Moore is writing a memoir, but until it comes out, we can only imagine what scandalous secrets it will reveal. In the meantime, The Frisky offers up 14 other memoirs that divulged some juicy info:
  • Carrie Fisher: In Wishful Drinking, we found out that her mom got her a
... More »

Just Being Carrie Fisher Is Super-Weird

'You’re supposed to be unusual' in Hollywood: Wishful Drinking author

(Newser) - Carrie Fisher’s shrink told her, “If you worked in a supermarket they would’ve institutionalized you at 20,” she recalls. Not so in Hollywood, where the erstwhile Princess Leia suffered through drug addiction, manic depression, and failed relationships—her own and her parents’. But electroshock therapy helped... More »

Jacko Was Devoted Dad: Carrie Fisher

He was not capable of 'what they accused him of doing'

(Newser) - Michael Jackson was a very good father, though “he was a child himself,” writes friend Carrie Fisher on her website. His kids “are very well behaved, respectful children, who seemed content in Michael’s company.” And though he may not have been a “conventional” parent,... More »

Women Has Little to Like

Stale stereotypes abound in update of '30s satire

(Newser) - The modern update of 1930s socialite satire The Women is meeting scorn from critics. Meg Ryan, Carrie Fisher, and the rest of the big-name cast do their best, Peter Travers writes in Rolling Stone, but they struggle "with a script that resists being crowbarred into the 21st century." More »

Leia & Solo's On-Set Romp

Carrie Fisher admits to on-set romance with Harrison Ford

(Newser) - Princess Leia has finally 'fessed up to some off-camera laser-play with Han Solo during the filming of Star Wars, the Sun reports. "I went on the film saying ‘I’m going to have an affair,’ like it was a kiwi, an exotic fruit," Carrie Fisher tells... More »

Talk-Show Format Gets a Bath

Rub-a-dub-dub with Malkovich just tip of Craig Bierko's Web interview series

(Newser) - Actor Craig Bierko, in an interview with Newsweek, says his strange, and strangely riveting, web video—in which he gives John Malkovich a sponge bath while engaging in "silly chatter"—is about exposing the weird artificiality of the talk-show format. "It sort of turns up the fake... More »

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