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US May Avoid More Bailouts by Trading Loans for Equity

Conversion could stretch bailout fund by $100 billion

(Newser) - President Obama’s economic team has figured a way to keep the banks afloat without asking Congress for more money, by converting the government's existing bailout loans to common stock, the New York Times reports. The conversion plan could stretch Treasury’s fund by more than $100 billion, but it... More »

Banks Boost Interest Rates to Lure Deposits

'Price war' increases pressure on profit margins, loan funds

(Newser) - Banks are boosting interest rates on deposits in an effort to increase the supply of cash available for lending, resulting in what one consultant calls a "national price war," the Wall Street Journal reports. Many banks are pinched between the desire to build up deposits and the shrinking... More »

AmEx Cleared to Become Commercial Bank

Credit card company can now accept deposits, access emergency Fed funds

(Newser) - The Fed has given credit card giant American Express the all-clear to become a bank holding company in a bid to keep the financial crisis wolves from the door, Marketwatch reports. AmEx can now accept deposits and access the Fed's emergency lending facilities. The central bank waived the normal 30-day... More »

Better Than a Bailout: Boost FDIC Coverage to $1M

Higher deposit insurance would bring money in, help thaw credit markets

(Newser) - Congress should stop fighting over the Paulson bailout, writes BusinessWeek economist Michael Mandel, and approve an expansion of FDIC deposit insurance to $1 million. It should also triple deposit insurance reserves to $145 billion. It would solve the immediate problem, calming the hysteria in the market, and attract funds to... More »

Paulson Wants Closer Tabs on Investment Banks

More transparency needed if they're to borrow from Fed, Treasury chief says

(Newser) - Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said today that investment banks owe the government more information about their financial condition if they are occasionally allowed to borrow money from the Federal Reserve, the New York Times reports. Paulson seemed to call for tighter regulations before calling the recent bailout of Bear Stearns... More »

5 Stories