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Egypt Doubles Up With Suez Canal No. 2

Hailed as 'rebirth,' passageway expected to make billions

(Newser) - After $8.5 billion and a year of construction, Egypt's second Suez Canal welcomed vessels in a trial run on Saturday along its 44-mile stretch, reports the BBC . The passageway, which runs in part alongside its namesake, is wide enough for large container ships to pass in two-lane traffic.... More »

Iran Sending Warships Through Suez Canal

Israel views first passage since '79 as provocation

(Newser) - Iran is sending warships through the Suez Canal for the first time since its Islamic revolution in 1979. Passage for the two ships, which are believed to be bound for a training session in Syria, was approved by the Egyptian military, USA Today reports. Sources in Egypt say the ships... More »

Somali Pirates Could Grinch Your Christmas

Shipping companies may eschew Suez Canal for longer routes, meaning delays

(Newser) - Attacks by Somali pirates have major shippers considering changing routes that run through the Suez Canal, Reuters reports, a move would add weeks to the time it takes ships to get to Europe from Asia and the Middle East. “It will really hit home when consumers in the West... More »

Navy Shot Killed Egyptian: US

Warning blast to trading vessel in Suez Canal proved fatal

(Newser) - The US Navy acknowledged today that warning shots from one of its ships in the Suez Canal killed an Egyptian man, Reuters reports. Sources said the boat trying to sell goods to passing vessels approached the Global Patriot, which fired after warnings in Arabic and flares failed to make the... More »

4 Stories