Zimbabwe elections

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Mugabe: Don't Believe I Won? Kill Yourself

Reelected president hits Western critics

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has a piece of advice for those skeptical of his latest election victory, including some Westerners : You can go kill yourself. "Those who can't stomach the defeat, you can commit suicide. Even dogs will not sniff their carcasses," he said in his first public speech... More »

US, Aussies Bash Vote in Zimbabwe

Australia wants new vote, as Zuma issues congrats

(Newser) - The US and Australia are among western powers crying foul over Zimbabwe's election results, with John Kerry denouncing " substantial electoral irregularities" as having rendered a result that doesn't " represent a credible expression of the will of the Zimbabwean people," reports Reuters . Australia took it a... More »

Go Figure: Mugabe Wins in Zimbabwe

89-year-old wins another term

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe promised up and and down he'd peacefully step aside if he lost Zimbabwe's election for president. Not surprisingly, his promise won't need to be tested: Election results out today show the 89-year-old won a seventh term over Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai by a margin of... More »

Mugabe Rival Calls Shenanigans in Zimbabwe Election

And election monitors say he's right

(Newser) - Results haven't been officially announced yet in Zimbabwe's just-completed presidential election, but President Robert Mugabe's main challenger is already decrying the entire affair as a "huge farce" and declaring the outcome "null and void," the BBC reports. "It's a sham election that... More »

Zimbabwe Has $217 in the Bank

Government finances 'paralyzed,' minister says

(Newser) - Zimbabwe has just $217 left in its government public account after paying public workers' wages last week, says the country finance minister. "The government finances are in paralysis state at the present moment. We are failing to meet our targets," the minister said at a press conference. He... More »

Zimbabwe Leaders Sign Landmark Deal

Tsvangirai will become prime minister as parties come together

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's rival political parties signed their landmark power-sharing deal today, in which Robert Mugabe will remain president while Morgan Tsvangirai will take on the new position of prime minister. The two factions of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change will receive a majority of cabinet posts, including the ministries responsible... More »

Despite Arrests, Zimbabwe Opposition Elects Speaker

Mugabe's candidate defeated as MDC's Moyo wins close parliamentary vote

(Newser) - Opposition groups in Zimbabwe's parliament today defeated the candidate for speaker put forward by President Robert Mugabe, electing instead a member of the Movement for Democratic Change, the Times of London reports. Though security forces arrested several MDC members ahead of the vote, MDC lawmakers sang anti-Mugabe songs in a... More »

Tsvangirai Barred From Mbeki Meet

Opposition leader detained in airport, passport yanked

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of Zimbabwe's opposition, was detained at the airport in Harare today and prevented from flying to South Africa. Authorities confiscated his passport, as well as the travel documents of fellow members of the Movement for Democratic Change, before letting him leave. Tsvangirai was to attend a... More »

Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Stall; Mbeki Leaves

Mugabe reportedly tries to sideline Tsvangirai

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki today left Zimbabwe without a power-sharing deal, as official media reported that Robert Mugabe had struck an agreement with a breakaway leader of the Movement for Democratic Change, sidelining its leader Morgan Tsvangirai. A spokesman for the MDC splinter group told Bloomberg there was no... More »

Zimbabwe Launches $100B Bill

Note likely to prove ineffectual against hyperinflation

(Newser) - Zimbabwe will introduce a new $100 billion bank note tomorrow to offset rampant inflation—a seemingly exorbitant sum that may not even buy a loaf of bread. The official annual inflation rate in the country tops 2,200,200%, but independent estimates peg the actual rate at many times higher.... More »

Russia, China Nix UN Embargo on Zimbabwe

US-led resolution would have imposed sanctions, restrictions on Mugabe

(Newser) - Russia and China today threw out a UN resolution to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe for its violent presidential election, Reuters reports. Nine countries supported the US-backed sanctions, which would levied an arms embargo and restricted the travel and finances of officials, including President Mugabe. But five nations voted against it,... More »

South Africa Offers Zimbabwe Truce Proposal

Opposition welcomes plan ceding real power to Tsvangirai as PM

(Newser) - South African president Thabo Mbeki has proposed a compromise in Zimbabwe’s political crisis: Let Robert Mugabe remain president in name, but hand power to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as temporary prime minister, the Guardian reports. Members of opposition party Movement for Democratic Change were said to be largely satisfied... More »

Mugabe's Bloody Path to Victory in Zimbabwe

The Washington Post probes a campaign of intimidation

(Newser) - When Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, first learned he’d lost his March bid for re-election, he told supporters he’d concede–but they wouldn’t listen. Instead, Mugabe agreed to let the army swing the vote in his favor. Thus began a campaign of violent intimidation that ultimately forced... More »

Zimbabwe Film Shows Mugabe Election Rigging

Prison officer shot footage, passed it to Guardian

(Newser) - Film shot secretly by a Zimbabwean prison guard shows how President Robert Mugabe’s party used intimidation to earn votes in last week's run-off election, the Guardian reports. In the footage, ruling party members watch as prison officials fill out their ballots and inspect the results. At a rally, party... More »

Tsvangirai Rejects Mbeki as Mediator

South African too close to Mugabe, Zimbabwe opposition leader says

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s opposition party won’t accept South African President Thabo Mbeki as a mediator in negotiations with the government, party leader Morgan Tsvangirai said today.  Arguing that Mbeki is too close to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, Tsvangirai said without another mediator “no meaningful progress can be made.... More »

How the Opposition Can Oust Mugabe

Tsvangirai has the tools to eliminate presidency: scholar

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe has been sworn in for a sixth term as Zimbabwe's president—but this time, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change commands a majority in the country's parliament. That split offers the best hope of deposing Mugabe, writes Mark Y. Rosenberg in the New York Times. The best way... More »

Fond Memories Dissipate in Zimbabwe Haze

Troubled country unrecognizable to reporter once stationed there

(Newser) - "Is that the bad guy?" asks Chipo, the Zimbabwean-born adopted daughter of journalist Neely Tucker, watching Robert Mugabe on TV. She is a constant reminder of life a decade ago in the African nation, he writes in the Washington Post. "Mostly I miss the way it was then... More »

Zimbabwe Tells Mugabe Critics to 'Go Hang'

Spokesman angrily dismisses any deal with opposition

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe's spokesman angrily dismissed the possibility of a national unity government today, reports the Guardian, telling the US and other nations supporting the opposition to "go hang." Speaking at the African Union summit, the spokesman told reporters that no other country could interfere in Zimbabwean affairs, and... More »

Mugabe Faces Chilly Reception at African Summit

Zimbabwe prez faces pressure to negotiate

(Newser) - Newly reinaugurated  Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe arrived today at an African Union summit where he is expected to face pressure to negotiate with the country's opposition. Although Mugabe walked into the conference at an Egyptian resort alongside other leaders, he has faced unprecedented criticism from African governments to yield to... More »

Mugabe Is Sworn In

Won 85% of uncontested vote; Tsvangirai asks AU to denounce election

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe was sworn in today for another 5 years as president of Zimbabwe, after the electoral commission declared him the winner with 85% of the vote in an uncontested but controversial race. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew his candidacy last week over concerns of increasing violence, says he... More »

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