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Men Told They Can't Wed— Because They're Father and Son

Penn. couple trying to annul adoption they did strictly for legal purposes

(Newser) - Roland Bosee Jr., 68, and Nino Esposito, 78, have been inseparable since they first met in 1970. "You meet someone and it just clicks," Esposito told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette last month. So with the SCOTUS decision over the summer to legalize gay marriage , the men looked forward to... More »

Senator Seeks Answers on Man's Sugar-Plant Death

Bob Casey tells OSHA number of incidents is unacceptable

(Newser) - The chief the Senate's workplace safety subcommittee says he is concerned about the rising number of deaths involving temp workers—and he is "particularly troubled" by the death of Janio Salinas, who was buried alive in sugar last year after a plant removed a safety device that was... More »

Ariz. Rep: My Son Is Gay, But I Oppose Gay Marriage

Meanwhile, Bob Casey comes out in favor

(Newser) - Matt Salmon is no Rob Portman. The Arizona congressman made some waves this weekend, when he told AZ Family that he doesn't support "the gay marriage," even though his son is openly gay. "I’m just not there as far as believing in my heart that... More »

Pregnancy From Rape Like Illegitimate Kid: GOP Hopeful

Tom Smith is running for Senate in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - Well, it turns out that if legitimate rape could result in pregnancy, it's basically the same thing as an unmarried woman being pregnant, at least according to the latest ill-advised Republican to touch the subject with a 10-foot pole. The Republican in question is Tom Smith, who is running... More »

Lawmakers to Saverin: Don't Come Back

'Ex-PATRIOT' Act to punish those who try to dodge taxes

(Newser) - Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin's decision to renounce his US citizenship—and, conveniently, a lot of the taxes from his expected IPO windfall—has struck a nerve on Capitol Hill. Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey will today announce a new bill called the "Ex-PATRIOT Act" (a typically dopey acronym... More »

Democrats Desert Obama on Israel

President left isolated after Netanyahu's hero's welcome

(Newser) - Top Democrats are making a show of standing behind Benjamin Netanyahu in his sort-of face-off with the White House, leaving President Obama more or less isolated, the Washington Post reports. In his own speech before AIPAC, Harry Reid offered a thinly-veiled jab at President Obama’s calls for a two-state... More »

Nelson Rejects Abortion Deal

Democratic holdout says language 'isn't sufficient'

(Newser) - Ben Nelson says compromise language offered to prevent federal money from covering abortions "isn't sufficient" in the current Senate bill. The Nebraska Democrat is one of the holdouts Harry Reid must win over to get 60 votes, but Nelson told a radio station today that he's still not on... More »

Reid Won't Get Health Care Vote for Christmas

Unless Ben Nelson and Republicans stop playing Scrooge

(Newser) - All Harry Reid wants for Christmas is a health care reform vote, but he’s more likely to end up with coal. Republicans are pulling out every procedural trick in the book to make sure Democrats miss their self-imposed deadline—yesterday, they forced the Senate clerk to read a 767-page... More »

Pa. Gov Says He, Biden Have Tried to Lure GOP's Specter

Pa. moderate remains loyal to GOP

(Newser) - The Democrats are still looking for ways to boost their majority in the Senate, Talking Points Memo reports today. Gov. Ed Rendell told a regional TV network he’d tried to get Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter to switch sides, and so had VP Joe Biden and Sen. Bob Casey. “... More »

Full-Court Press: Obama Seeks New DC Hoops Spot

President-elect's basketball jones subject of intense speculation

(Newser) - With inauguration approaching, Washington is gripped by an all-important question, the New York Daily News reports: Where will Barack Obama play basketball? Will he keep his campaign promise to build a court in the White House? Will he play at a nearby military base? Or, as rumor has it, hit... More »

Abortion Swells Obama's Woes With Catholics

Winning back once-loyal bloc seen as a struggle for Dem

(Newser) - Democrats are making a major push for Catholic voters, a demographic that decisively chose George W. Bush over the Catholic John Kerry in 2004. To win back a once-reliable constituency, Democrats may offer a convention speaking slot to Bob Casey, the Pennsylvania senator who opposes abortion rights. Even so, the... More »

Anti-Abortion Allies Give Pro-Choice Obama an Edge

Pennsylvania's Casey, Indiana's Roemer help with social conservatives

(Newser) - For a man once labeled “the most pro-abortion candidate ever,” Barack Obama has enjoyed a lift among social conservatives with support from Bob Casey and Tim Roemer—even if the fit is imperfect, the Washington Post reports. Casey, the first-term Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, says Obama “has... More »

No Deal on Mich., Fla. Until June: Dean

Party chief says hopefuls want to focus on final states

(Newser) - Florida and Michigan delegates will likely have to wait until June to see whether they can participate in the party’s convention, Howard Dean said on Face the Nation today. The DNC chairman said Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would rather focus on the final primaries, which will end on... More »

Casey Nod Perfectly Timed, Placed

Endorsement could help Obama among conservative Pennsylvania men

(Newser) - The endorsement of Sen. Bob Casey will give Barack Obama aid right where he needs it, Shailagh Murray notes in the Washington Post—among Pennsylvania’s lower-income white men. So-called “Casey Democrats”—anti-abortion, pro-gun social conservatives—are the kind of voters Obama must prove he can sway April... More »

Pa. Senator to Endorse Obama

Backing represents big break; Casey had vowed to stay neutral in crucial race

(Newser) - Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey will endorse Barack Obama today, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, in what could be big break for the presidential hopeful who's been trailing Hillary Clinton in polls there. Not only can Casey help Obama with Keystone State Democrats, says Politico’s Ben Smith, but his endorsement could... More »

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