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Goldman Sachs Banker Accused of Hamptons Rape

He allegedly assaulted 20-year-old in home he was renting with his wife

(Newser) - A Goldman Sachs managing director has been charged with raping a 20-year-old woman while vacationing in the Hamptons. The incident allegedly took place in a four-bedroom home that Jason Lee, 37, had rented with his wife, the New York Times reports. So far details are thin; police say they responded... More »

Kevin Smith's Cop Out Aptly Named

Bruce Willis-Tracy Morgan buddy pic falls flat

(Newser) - Kevin Smith was given the biggest budget of his career for Cop Out, but most critics found the send-up of '80s buddy-cop movies, which stars Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, a waste of talent.
  • The movie is "foul-mouthed but not funny, bullet-riddled but not exciting, crammed with contrivances that
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Miley Snags 2 Kids Choice Awards, Stays Slime-Free

Hannah leads Kids Choice Awards with 2 wins

(Newser) - Kids love Miley Cyrus and flying green slime, and both graced the stage last night at the 21st annual Kids Choice Awards, where the Hannah Montana star was named both favorite singer and favorite TV actress. But while the squeaky-clean star stayed just that, celebs like Laila Ali, Orlando Bloom,... More »

3 Stories