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If Brain Surgeons Only Use Their Cells on Speaker ...

... perhaps we all should worry about brain cancer—though studies unclear on link

(Newser) - Experts, including the American Cancer Society, say cell-phone use doesn’t increase the risk of cancer. So why do three prominent neurosurgeons avoid holding phones up to their ears? The debate has been reopened, the New York Times reports, by the surgeons’ recent comments on CNN and by Ted Kennedy’... More »

Cell Phones Worse Than Smoking, Study Says

Neurosurgeon warns that handsets double brain tumor risk

(Newser) - Cell phones may cause more deaths than smoking or asbestos, warns a new study in which an Australian neurosurgeon found that a decade of cell use can double brain tumor risk—an effect that he says will show in coming years. "We are currently experiencing a reactively unchecked and... More »

2 Stories