Oswald Mosley

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Mosley Bares 45-Year S&M Obsession

Racing boss admits fetish but denies orgy had Nazi overtones

(Newser) - Max Mosley admitted in court yesterday that he's been into sadomasochism for 45 years, the Guardian reports, but firmly denied taking part in a Nazi-themed orgy. The British auto-racing boss is suing a tabloid for invading his privacy by secretly filming him being spanked and humiliated in role-playing with five... More »

MI5 Implicated in F1 Chief's Nazi Orgy

Spy canned after wife is revealed as one of Mosley's hookers

(Newser) - A British spy is out of a job following his admission that his wife was one of the five prostitutes who participated in Max Mosley's Nazi-themed orgy, reports the Times of London. Worse yet, the wife was purportedly behind the camera, though MI5 yesterday denied Mosley's accusation that it set... More »

Formula One Chief Caught in 'Nazi' Orgy

'Concentration camp' sex video sparks calls for Mosely's resignation

(Newser) - Formula One leader Max Mosely is being pressured to quit his post after a newspaper obtained video of the 67-year-old Brit in a Nazi-themed sex orgy with five prostitutes. The Oxford-educated multi-millionaire, whose father was a friend of Adolf Hitler, spoke German as he beat hookers dressed as concentration camp... More »

3 Stories