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2 Robbers, Hostage Killed in Chase, Shootout: Cops

Fleeing suspects shot at cops, threw hostages from SUV

(Newser) - Fleeing bank robbers in Stockton, Calif., fired AK-47-style rifles at police and threw two hostages from a speeding SUV in a high-speed chase and shootout that left two suspects and one hostage dead and left bullet holes in 14 police cars and an unknown number of homes. A witness tells... More »

This Man Spent 5 Years as Hostage, Then 'Thrived'

Joe Cicippio explains why the experience didn't ruin him

(Newser) - Joe Cicippio spent five years often chained to a radiator, a captive of Hezbollah in Lebanon. His only companions were his masked kidnappers and one or two other captives. But he's thrived since his release in 1991, and now Cicippio, 83, reveals how in an interview with NPR . “... More »

LA Deputies Accidentally Shoot, Kill Hostage

Victim worked on Comedy Central's 'Tosh.0'

(Newser) - Deputies responding to a hostage situation at a Los Angeles apartment complex Monday apparently shot the wrong person. NWCN reports the victim was producer John Winkler, a production assistant for Comedy Central's Tosh.0. It's unclear whether 30-year-old Winkler was already a hostage when the situation began unfolding,... More »

Paris Jewel Thief Caught After He Kissed Hostage

He was trying to 'ease her trauma,' but the DNA did him in

(Newser) - Ah, l'amour. Police have captured an admitted jewel thief in Paris, and all because he made the last-second mistake of planting a kiss on his hostage. In April the 20-year-old, identified only as "Pierre G," and an accomplice allegedly followed a 56-year-old jewelry store employee home, where... More »

Man Pleads Guilty in Jaycee Dugard-Like Case

Raul Ochoa to get 22 years in state prison

(Newser) - A horrifying case out of California is drawing comparisons to Jaycee Lee Dugard's story: A Richmond man who held a young girl as a sex slave for 14 years yesterday pleaded guilty to charges of forced lewd acts on a child and forcible rape in exchange for a 22-year... More »

American al-Qaeda Hostage: US Has 'Abandoned' Me

Held in Pakistan since 2011, Warren Weinstein appeals for Obama's help

(Newser) - Little has been heard of US government worker Warren Weinstein, abducted in Pakistan in 2011 , since al-Qaeda released a video of the hostage last year. Now, he's resurfaced to plead again for President Obama to meet his captors' demands via a new video in which he "looked ashen... More »

2 Cops Hurt in LA County Hostage Drama

Gunman surrenders peacefully after 9 hours

(Newser) - A crisis negotiation team managed to bring a hostage standoff to a peaceful end last night after a tense nine hours. The standoff began when a man in an Inglewood home opened fire on two officers who arrived to investigate reports of a family disturbance. A male officer was hurt... More »

Ex-Hostage: Syria Rebels Are 'Bandits,' Fanatics

After 5 months captive, says US strike would only make them stronger

(Newser) - An Italian war reporter held hostage for five months by rebel forces in Syria has written a damning denunciation of the anti-Assad movement. "It is not the revolution that I encountered two years ago in Aleppo—secular, tolerant. It has become something else," Domenico Quirico wrote in his... More »

Escaped Inmate Killed by His 71-Year-Old Hostage

Captive Jerome Mauderly was a former prison guard

(Newser) - An escaped inmate on the run from police took a retired couple hostage in their rural home, only to be shot and killed by one of his captives yesterday. Turns out, Rodney Long, 38, had managed to break into the house of ... a former prison guard. Long, who was serving... More »

Hostage Killed in Louisiana Bank Standoff

Gunman killed after shooting 2 hostages

(Newser) - A man who took hostages at a bank in rural Louisiana shot the two remaining hostages, killing one of them, before being shot and killed by police, authorities said. During negotiations with law enforcement yesterday, the suspect—identified as 20-year-old Fuaed Abdo Ahmed—said he was going to kill the... More »

Cops: Gunman, 2 Others Dead in NJ Standoff

Gunman dies in custody; mom, 13-year-old found inside house

(Newser) - The bodies of a woman and a 13-year-old boy were found at the Trenton home where a dayslong standoff ended today with police shooting a man suspected of holding three children hostage, authorities said today. The standoff began Friday afternoon when police looking for children that hadn't been in... More »

Trenton Hostage Standoff Ends, 3 Kids Safe

Gunman reportedly in custody

(Newser) - A standoff with an armed man who took multiple hostages inside a Trenton home has ended and three children are safe, police said early today. "The Trenton hostage situation is resolved, the three children are safe, and the area is secure," a state police spokesman said. He said... More »

Georgia Hostage-Taker's Demand: Restore My Cable

Man was facing foreclosure: officials

(Newser) - The man who held four firefighters hostage at a home in Suwanee, Ga., told negotiating cops he wanted his utilities and cable turned back on, authorities say. He had reportedly lost the services amid financial trouble; he also faced foreclosure on his home, a police officer said. "People can... More »

4 Firefighters Safe; Gunman Dead in Hostage Standoff

Police officer wounded in rescue mission in Suwanee, Georgia

(Newser) - Four firefighters are safe and the gunman who was holding them hostage in northeast Georgia is dead after police stormed the home this evening. The firefighters have only superficial injuries, though a police officer was shot in the hand during the rescue. Police used explosives to enter the home in... More »

Mom of Ex-Hostage, 6: I Forgave Kidnapper

Jimmy Lee Dykes 'took care of Ethan': Jennifer Kirkland

(Newser) - Jennifer Kirkland quickly forgave Jimmy Lee Dykes for taking her child hostage in Alabama for almost a week, she says. Dykes, who cooked for Ethan Gilman and asked authorities to pass him a favorite toy, "took care of Ethan to the best of his abilities," Kirkland told Dr.... More »

FBI Finds Bombs in Hostage Bunker

CBS has details on successful raid

(Newser) - So how did the FBI manage to kill Jimmy Lee Dykes and free his 5-year-old hostage from an underground bunker in Alabama? CBS News provides some details: Authorities waited until Dykes climbed a ladder in his underground bunker to retrieve supplies left by the FBI at the entrance. When Dykes... More »

Cops: Freed Alabama Boy 'Laughing, Playing'

Ethan reunited with mother after bunker ordeal

(Newser) - The 5-year-old Alabama boy freed in a raid that ended in kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes' death has been reunited with his mother after his weeklong ordeal in an underground bunker. Hours after the rescue, Ethan was "laughing, joking, playing, eating—the things that you would expect a normal 5-... More »

Abductor Dead, Child Safe in Alabama Standoff

A stun or flash grenade was used in the rescue: official

(Newser) - The former trucker who kidnapped a 5-year-old boy in Alabama is dead and the child is safe, Reuters reports. "It's all over," said a law enforcement official. "The boy is OK." Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, had seized the boy from a school bus last week... More »

Alabama Sheriff: 'I Want to Thank' Hostage-Taker

Alleged kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes is 'taking care of our child'

(Newser) - Looks like police are still playing "good cop" on the sixth day of a hostage standoff in rural Alabama, reports NBC News . "I want to thank him for taking care of our child," said the Dale County sheriff of alleged kidnapper Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65. "That'... More »

Alabama Hostage Standoff Enters Day 5

Police still talking to Jimmy Lee Dykes through pipe in bunker

(Newser) - Day five of the Alabama hostage situation arrives with little news: Police are still talking with 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes through a PVC pipe connected to his underground bunker, and Dykes is still refusing to leave or free the 5-year-old boy he abducted, reports . About the only tangible... More »

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