Elaine Chao

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Senate Sends Elaine Chao to Trump's Cabinet, 93-6

President's pick for transportation secretary sails through nomination

(Newser) - Republicans might be telling Democrats to "stop acting like idiots" in boycotting votes on some of President Trump's Cabinet picks, but it's been smooth sailing for one nominee: Elaine Chao will be the next secretary of Transportation after the Senate resoundingly confirmed her Tuesday on a 93-6... More »

Senate Confirms Trump Pick for UN Ambassador

Nikki Haley approved by 96-4 vote

(Newser) - The Senate confirmed President Trump's pick for US ambassador to the United Nations by a decisive margin Tuesday as GOP-led committees paved the way for three more of his Cabinet nominees to be approved just days into the new administration, the AP reports. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley won... More »

Arizona Drafts Own Worker Bills

State aims to make temporary labor faster, easier; measure could be national model

(Newser) - Arizona is working on its own guest-worker program, hoping to supply state farmers with labor—and serve as a model for the rest of the country in the process, the Christian Science Monitor reports. But though top lawmakers are behind the measure, getting permission from the federal government—whose own... More »

3 Stories