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The Square: Harshly Funny Film Noir

Middle-aged man meets femme fatale, disaster ensues

(Newser) - In this Aussie noir thriller, a married middle-aged man (David Roberts) and his younger lover (Claire van der Boom) seize the chance to escape with a bundle of cash. The finely wrought fallout involves an arsonist, a shark attack, and depravity and greed to spare. Most critics agree: it's sinfully... More »

Bad Lieutenant Is Terribly Fantastic

Cage's unhinged performance dazzles, and Herzog keeps up

(Newser) - What is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, exactly? Most critics haven't the foggiest, but they like Werner Herzog's not-at-all-a-remake and Nicholas Cage's performance. Some reactions:
  • Cage’s “sublimely deranged lead performance” compares favorably to Herzog’s work with Klaus Kinski, Scottt Tobias writes for the Onion AV
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Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Beyond Bad

Peter Hyams remake of Fritz Lang film is boring and inept

(Newser) - Peter Hyams' Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, a remake of Fritz Lang's noir classic, has a 0% aggregate rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here's what critics are saying about the Michael Douglas vehicle:
  • "Michael Douglas is the only life in this dull party," writes Peter Travers for Rolling Stone. "
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Film Noir Master Dassin Dead at 96

American director made classic Rififi in France

(Newser) - Jules Dassin, a master of film noir who left Hollywood after being blacklisted, has died in an Athens hospital at the age of 96, reports the Los Angeles Times. Born to Russian Jewish immigrants in Connecticut, Dassin made such dark crime dramas as Brute Force and The Naked City in... More »

4 Stories