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Banker's Unsolved Murder Gets Much Stranger

Bloomberg looks into unsolved case of Maurice Spagnoletti

(Newser) - In 2011, a New Jersey transplant named Maurice Spagnoletti was gunned down in Puerto Rico while driving home from work. The murder, which remains unsolved, made international headlines given Spagnoletti's work: He was a 57-year-old bank executive who was trying to turn around the failing Doral Bank in San... More »

Thief Nabs Tiny Croc From Norway Aquarium

Dwarf caiman will chomp fingers, but not organs, says director

(Newser) - A thief has managed to walk out of a Norwegian aquarium with a croc stuffed in a bag, Reuters reports. The 2.3-foot long Schneider's dwarf caiman named "Taggen" was spirited away sometime over the weekend while the aquarium was busy. Police are investigating, and a $5,000 reward... More »

2 Stories