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20 Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve

Breaking down large goals makes them more realistic

(Newser) - New Year’s resolutions to lose 20 pounds, clean out all your closets, and cut your grocery budget in half not quite working out? That’s likely because your goals are too large. Here are 20 tasks you can accomplish, all of which are “no more challenging than reaching... More »

Windows-to-Mac Software Should Scare Microsoft

Parallels' product makes choice of operating system less important

(Newser) - Conflicted about choosing sides in the apocalyptic showdown between Microsoft and Apple? No need to worry—in this brave new world, you can have your cake and eat it. Parallels is Mac software that allows users to seamlessly integrate Windows programs, even the entire desktop. So, for just $79.99—... More »

Apple Pulls Sex Offender App

App Store withdraws paid version of 'Offender Locator'

(Newser) - Apple's App Store will no longer sell “Offender Locator,” an iPhone add-on for tracking sex offenders, CNET reports. The company offered no explanation, and it pulled only the paid version of the hugely popular application—leaving “Offender Locator Lite” available. It's possible that the software ran afoul... More »

Facebook Wants Your Friendship and Your Money

Site rolls out payment system aimed at getting profit from apps

(Newser) - Facebook is breaking an age-old business rule: Never do business with friends. In a bid to achieve profitability, the social-networking site is testing an internal payments system that allows its 300 million users to purchase credits redeemable for virtual goods, from Facebook itself or third-party applications. “Over time, this... More »

New Software Judges Blog Credibility

(Newser) - Software that would automatically rate the credibility of blogs on a scale from highly credible to “little credible” is in the works in Austria, Ars Technica reports. The program analyzes the distribution of words in successive blog posts and also compares topics against stories covered in the mainstream media... More »

Goodies Await as Apple App Store Nears 1B Downloads

(Newser) - Apple has sold 928 million programs to mobile users and plans to celebrate its billionth App Store download by awarding a random customer a huge haul of merchandise, CNET reports. The lucky customer will walk away with a MacBook Pro, a 32GB iPod Touch, and a $10,000 iTunes gift... More »

Google Set to Debut Offline Apps

Users will be able to do work and save with no Internet connection

(Newser) - Google is readying to let users test-drive offline applications. Still in design, Google Gears will allow browsers to use locally stored copies of Google apps (like its spreadsheet), save updates, and later transfer a temporary cache to “the cloud”—Google’s servers—the next time they connect to... More »

7 Stories