Chinese Communist party

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Sperm Bank: Donors Must Love the 'Motherland'

No diseases either, thank you

(Newser) - Want to donate to a Chinese sperm bank? You may need to "love the socialist motherland." A social media post by the Peking University Third Hospital said sperm donors are welcome if they "support the leadership of the Communist Party" and are "loyal to the party'... More »

Report: Bannon Secretly Met With Top Chinese Official

He was asked to talk about populism

(Newser) - Steve Bannon, President Trump's former chief strategist, met secretly with "the second most powerful person in China" last week during a trip to Beijing, reports the Financial Times . Wang Qishan—second only to President Xi Jinping as anti-corruption tsar within China's Community Party—met with Bannon for... More »

China Warns of Hong Kong 'Chaos'

Pro-democracy protesters deliver ultimatum

(Newser) - China's ruling party mouthpiece has warned of "chaos" and expressed strong support for Hong Kong's embattled leader in his faceoff with pro-democracy protesters who have threatened to occupy government offices unless he steps down by the end of today. The People's Daily said in a commentary... More »

100K+ Light Up HK to Mark Tiananmen's 25th

Annual vigil for massacre sees huge turnout

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong joined a candlelight vigil in a downtown park last night to commemorate the 25th anniversary of China's bloody military suppression of protests in Beijing's Tiananmen Square. Participants held candles to remember the victims at the vigil, which turned Victoria Park'... More »

Blasts Kills 1 at China Communist Party HQ

8 hurt in northern China explosions

(Newser) - One person was killed and eight injured in a series of small explosions today outside the provincial headquarters of the ruling Communist Party in the northern Chinese city of Taiyuan. Witnesses saw smoke and flames pouring from a minivan and steel ball bearings scattered around the scene of the blast.... More »

China Rations 'Vulgar' Foreign-Inspired Shows

Idol out, 'morality-building programs' in

(Newser) - Television in China is about to take either a great leap forward or a big step backward, depending on how you feel about reality TV. Shows inspired by the likes of American Idol are massive hits for satellite broadcasters in China but authorities are bringing in tough new regulations limiting... More »

China Hunts Scammer Who Pretended to Be Party Honcho

Zhao Xiyong pulled stunt off for years

(Newser) - With his dark suits, cigarettes, interminable speeches, and fondness for lavish banquets, Zhao Xiyong was in many ways a typical Chinese Communist Party official—except he wasn't one. Police in China are hunting a man who spent three years in Yunnan province pretending to be a high-ranking official from... More »

As China Wraps Transition, Xi Vows to Clean Up Govt.

Xi and Li strike populist tone, want to crack down on corruption

(Newser) - China's new leaders struck a populist tone today as they got down to the painstaking work of governing, promising cleaner government, less red tape, and more fairness to a still small middle class. In appearances that mark the completion of a months-long, orchestrated leadership transition, President Xi Jinping and... More »

China Dubs Li Keqiang New Premier

Will take on economy, domestic concerns

(Newser) - Yesterday, China officially selected its new president ; today, the country has chosen its new premier, Li Keqiang. At Beijing's National People's Congress, Li was confirmed to follow Wen Jiabao, winning 2,940 votes to three, the BBC reports. Already the Communist Party's no. 2, Li will lead... More »

China Finally Quells 18-Day Uprising Over Landgrab

Local official arrested, 21 more sought by authorities

(Newser) - An 18-day uprising in southern China has finally been squashed by Chinese authorities, ending with nine people arrested and between 30 and 40 injured, reports the Guardian . Residents of Shangpu, a small farming community of 3,000 people, protested after the local Communist Party chief, Li Baoyu, leased an 81-acre... More »

China Paper Falls for Onion's Sexiest Man: Kim Jong Un

'People's Daily' congratulates North Korean for 'sexiest man alive' honors

(Newser) - Forget Justin Timberlake: Kim Jong Un just brought sexy back. The Onion named the North Korean leader "Sexiest Man Alive" earlier this month , and the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party totally bought it. People's Daily reported the happy news today, and ran a 55-picture gallery to... More »

Meet China's New Leader: Xi Jinping

Beijing completes once-a-decade transition

(Newser) - China's once-per-decade leadership transition is complete: Former Vice President Xi Jinping was presented to the country today as general secretary of the Communist Party, replacing Hu Jintao. He also takes over as head of the military commission. Xi's ascent has been expected since he joined the country's... More »

China Begins Once-a-Decade Leadership Change

Conference addresses corruption, slowed economic growth

(Newser) - China's Tiananmen Square has been emptied of its usual activists and crowds, red flowers and flags blanket the capital, and 1.4 million volunteers are on-hand to provide security as the country's leadership today begins a shift that occurs just once per decade, the BBC reports. President Hu... More »

China's Communists Boot Bo as Transition Looms

Central Committee ends final meeting before party congress

(Newser) - China's ruling Communist elite have endorsed the expulsion of former high-flying politician Bo Xilai and approved final preparations for the party's upcoming congress. The closed-door meeting of the Central Committee that ended yesterday was the last before Communist Party leader Hu Jintao and other government officials begin to... More »

Disgraced Bo Xilai Ejected From Communist Party

China: Politician will 'face justice'

(Newser) - Former Chinese political star Bo Xilai has been expelled from the country's Communist Party, Voice of America reports, following his wife's suspended death sentence in the murder of a British businessman. Once the party leader in the city of Chongqing and a likely candidate for high national office,... More »

Why China's Next Leader Went AWOL: Heart Attack

Back injury has been blamed for Xi Jinping's disappearance

(Newser) - Speculation has been swirling about why China's president-in-waiting inexplicably dropped out of public view , and the Telegraph may have an answer: Xi Jinping suffered a heart attack just weeks ahead of his expected promotion, an insider says. Xi hasn't been seen publicly since Sept. 1, and "although... More »

World Wonders: Where's China's Next Leader?

Expected president Xi Jinping cancels meetings, disappears

(Newser) - The global rumor mill is swirling around the sudden conspicuous absence of Xi Jinping, who is scheduled to ascend to China's presidency in a matter of weeks. Xi hasn't been seen in public in 10 days, according to the Telegraph , and last week he took the unheard of... More »

To Plot Succession, China's Leaders Hit the Beach

Resort Beidaihe is where next generation of leaders is determined

(Newser) - With China's once-a-decade leadership transition coming this fall, the country's powerbrokers are now in the thick of furious and extremely hush-hush negotiations over who will guide the world's most populous country for the next decade. And in the brutal heat and pollution of the Beijing summer, China'... More »

Chen: 'Lawless' Chinese Officials Must Be Punished

He demands central government investigate Shandong abuse

(Newser) - Chen Guangcheng says that even if he leaves China, he will not abandon his quest for the rule of law to prevail in his home province, Shandong. The central government must investigate and punish the officials who jailed him on false charges and kept him under illegal house arrest for... More »

NYT: Bo Wiretapped Communist Party Chiefs

Eavesdropping expanded to include party bigwigs

(Newser) - Another twist in the scandal shaking China : Bo Xilai was ousted as Chongqing party chief not just for his link to the murder of a British businessman, but for eavesdropping on a scale that would shame British tabloids, reports the New York Times , citing Communist Party insiders. The wiretapping program... More »

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