Celtic Tiger

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Angry Voters in Ireland Rout Ruling Party

Leaders associated with collapse, bailout are sent packing

(Newser) - Irish voters have finally had enough of Fianna Fail, the long-dominating party blamed for leading the country into economic ruin, reports the Irish Independent . It's not clear whether opposition Fine Gael will get enough seats for an outright majority or will need to form a coalition government with a smaller... More »

Post-Crash Ireland Becomes Luxury Bargain Basement

Fancy cars, wines, homes selling at deep discount

(Newser) - In the midst of its worst recession in modern history, Ireland has become a bargain hunter’s paradise, with high-end cars, homes, and wines selling for a song. “It’s a bit like old vultures over the carcass,” one shopper tells Bloomberg . “You’ll see all sorts... More »

For Boom-to-Bust Ireland, Another Great Migration

(Newser) - The collapse of the Celtic Tiger is prompting another mass exodus from Ireland's rural west, the Wall Street Journal reports, with young workers once again abandoning their hometowns for London or the US. After a rare decade in which emigrants were flooding back to the island, as many as 40,... More »

Celtic Tiger Hangover Pounds Dublin Bars

Busted Celtic Tiger forces dozens of restaurants, nightclubs out of business

(Newser) - Once the poor man of Europe, Ireland rode a breathtaking economic boom that transformed Dublin into one of the region's swankiest capitals. But now that the Celtic Tiger has gone bust, the ambitious restaurants and exclusive lounges of the new Dublin are closing their doors. Cash and credit have dried... More »

As Celtic Tiger Slows, Ireland Again Empties

With Eastern Europe booming, newcomers pack bags en masse

(Newser) - The massive Irish economic engine of the '90s brought decades of emigration to a screeching halt and hordes of EU immigrants flooding through open borders to lay claim to plentiful jobs. But as the Celtic Tiger begins to look like a kitty, the Wall Street Journal reports, many of those... More »

'Celtic Tiger' Has a Thorn in Its Paw

Ahern's heir inherits an Ireland whose boom is behind it

(Newser) - In his 11 years as Ireland's prime minister, Bertie Ahern presided over explosive economic growth that earned the once-moribund nation the nickname "Celtic Tiger." But his presumptive successor, finance minister Brian Cowen, is inheriting a dismal situation: after a decade of boom, Ireland's economy is set to grow... More »

Irish PM Resigns in Kickback Scandal

Ahern was most successful PM in decades

(Newser) - The prime minister of Ireland announced his resignation today in the face of a growing scandal over his personal finances, reports the Irish Times. Bertie Ahern, a key player in the Northern Ireland peace deal once tipped to be the first permanent EU president, admitted no wrongdoing in the surprise... More »

7 Stories