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Pakistan Let China Inspect Osama Raid Stealth Copter

If report is confirmed, it would worsen already terrible US-Pakistan relations

(Newser) - Despite US protests , Pakistan allowed Chinese officials to inspect the remains of the American secret stealth helicopter left behind after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, reports Reuters . A spokesman for the ISI, Pakistan's top spy agency, denied the accusations, but new reports indicate that Pakistan not only... More »

US Throws Book at Chinese 'Sleeper' Spy

One of many highly skilled—and patient— agents for Beijing

(Newser) - Chi Mak, a Chinese-born engineer, lived quietly with his wife in the LA suburbs for more than two decades, slowly working his way up the ladder at a US defense contractor. Eventually, he gained a security clearance—and access to plans for Navy ships, submarines and weapons, which he secretly... More »

2 Stories