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Hoffman Left His Kids Out of Will

Longtime girlfriend trusted to keep them from being 'trust fund' kids

(Newser) - Philip Seymour Hoffman left behind a $35 million estate, but not a penny to his three children. The late actor apparently worried that Cooper, 10, Tallulah, 7, and Willa, 5, would be "trust fund" kids, the New York Post reports. Hoffman also stipulated in his will—written before his... More »

Cleveland Captives See Outpouring of Financial Help

Trust fund to be split evenly among four victims

(Newser) - A month after three women and a young girl were found captive in a Cleveland home , Reuters checks in on the victims' situation, or at least their financial state. The Cleveland Courage Fund, a tax-free trust set up in their name, has been flooded with donations and now totals $825,... More »

ASPCA Pushing Trusts for Your Pet

Pet group recommends legal protection for Mr. Whiskers after owner's death

(Newser) - We spend our lives spoiling our pets—to the tune of $53 billion this year, by one estimate—but what about what happens after that? Animals are considered property, not family, so if you pass away, pets can be in trouble. That's why the ASPCA and online legal-documents provider... More »

Baby Jessica Turns 25

Now a grown-up mom, Jessica McClure gets her $800K trust fund

(Newser) - Baby Jessica—the 18-month-old girl who was trapped in an abandoned water well for two and a half days in 1987, captivating America—is a baby no more, reports the AP. She turned 25 yesterday, old enough at last to have access to an $800,000 trust fund, left to... More »

Time Is Ripe to Pass Cash to Heirs

Struggling market can help you avoid paying estate tax

(Newser) - Sinking stocks offer a window of opportunity when it comes to passing your money on to heirs without incurring huge taxes, Anne Tergesen writes in the Wall Street Journal. Transferring struggling assets to the next generation can mean a big payoff for the heirs when conditions improve—without the estate... More »

Baby Daughter Is Anna Nicole's Only Heir

Court ruling means Dannielynn may inherit billions

(Newser) - Anna Nicole Smith’s 18-month-old daughter is sole heir to the ex-model's estate, a Los Angeles court ruled today. Dannielynn stands to inherit billions if the ongoing legal dispute over the fortune of Smith's second husband, J. Howard Marshall, is resolved in her mother's favor, People reports. Anna Nicole's will... More »

Clintons Sell Stock to Avoid Bonds

Couple liquidates blind trust to head off political fallout

(Newser) - Nobody wants to see Whitewater II, least of all the Clintons. As Hillary barrels towards the White House, they've liquidated a blind trust worth $5 million to $25 million in an effort to avoid potential conflict-of-interest charges. The fund, invested on their behalf since Bill took office, included live-wire investments... More »

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