Martin Luther King III

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Martin Luther King's Son: Trump's Heart Needs Work

Martin Luther King III spoke in Washington on Monday

(Newser) - Martin Luther King Jr.'s eldest son is calling out President Trump following accusations the president used a vulgarity to describe African countries during a meeting last week and expressed a preference for immigrants from countries like Norway . Martin Luther King III spoke in Washington on Monday, the Martin... More »

MLK's Kids Battle Over His Nobel, Bible

Sons want them sold, daughter does not

(Newser) - That Martin Luther King Jr.'s children are fighting over his estate is nothing new . But it's come to this: The civil rights leader's Nobel Peace Prize and Bible will soon be locked in a safety deposit box, with the key being held by Fulton County Superior... More »

Martin Luther King's Work Not Yet Done

But we should remember MLK as modern-day founding father: opinions

(Newser) - Fifty years later, tributes to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech—and reflections on the speech and the man—abound. A sampling:
  • King was a modern-day founding father, "equal to Jefferson, Adams, Madison, and Hamilton," writes Nicholas Burns in the Boston Globe
... More »

My Dad, MLK, Would Back Glenn Beck's Right to Rally

But remember that he rejected 'hateful rhetoric'

(Newser) - The son of Martin Luther King Jr. says his father "would be the first to say" that Glenn Beck and his supporters have the right to rally in Washington this weekend—the anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech. But he'd like to remind everyone of a... More »

King's Daughter to Head SCLC

Bernice King to be first woman to head group

(Newser) - Bernice King was elected to lead the Southern Christian Leadership Conference today, becoming the first woman to helm the civil rights organization her father, Martin Luther King Jr., co-founded. King wasn’t there for the board vote, which she won 23-15 over an Arkansas judge, so interim president Byron Clay... More »

MLK's Kids Bicker Over Spielberg Biopic

Siblings plan to fight Dexter King's sale of movie rights to their father's life

(Newser) - The sale of the movie rights to Martin Luther King Jr.'s life has revived the feud among his three surviving children, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Martin Luther King III and Bernice King say their brother Dexter—chief executive of the King estate—only informed them of the plans for... More »

Obama Visits Troops, Pitches In at Homeless Shelter

(Newser) - Barack Obama pitched in at a Washington emergency homeless shelter for teens today, as part of his pitch for greater public service, the AP reports. After touring the facility alongside Martin Luther King III, Obama rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt and helped paint a wall in the... More »

MLK's Kids Fight Over Letters

Judge orders Bernice to bring unpublished papers to court

(Newser) - Legal battles among Martin Luther King Jr's children drag on, this time over who gets mom and dad's unpublished correspondence. Yesterday, a judge ordered youngest daughter Bernice, the administrator of Coretta Scott King's estate, to bring to court letters and photos that sit at the heart of a disputed $1.... More »

MLK Children: Lawsuit Defends Dad's Legacy

Accusations fly as estranged siblings take dispute public

(Newser) - Martin Luther King's children are blaming each other for the uncharacteristically public standoff that led two of them to sue the third over management of their father's estate, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The deaths of the family peacekeepers, mother Coretta and sister Yolanda, helped expose the rift. "Strong parents... More »

MLK Children Fight Over Estate

Family dispute over civil rights hero's estate goes public

(Newser) - Two of Martin Luther King Jr.'s three surviving children are taking their brother to court, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Bernice and Martin King III say Dexter, president of the corporation that oversees the civil rights hero's intellectual property rights, has mishandled company funds and wrongfully taken money from their... More »

MLK's FIrst Grandchild Born

Yolanda Renee born to Martin Luther King III and wife

(Newser) - The first grandchild of Martin Luther King Jr. was born yesterday morning in Atlanta to Martin Luther King III and his wife, Arndrea Waters King, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Yolanda Renee King is named after the civil rights leader's oldest child, who died last year. Baby Yolanda and mom are... More »

MLK Son: We Need Cabinet Post for Poverty

40 years later, much work remains, he says

(Newser) - The son of Martin Luther King says the nation can best commemorate the 40th anniversary of his father's assassination by taking concrete action to fight poverty. In an essay in the  Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Martin Luther King III called on the presidential candidates to commit to creating a Cabinet position, one... More »

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