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Man Who Tried to 'Upskirt' Thwarted by Battery Blast

Battery in camera he was going to place in his shoe exploded, and he then turned himself in

(Newser) - An attempt at "upskirting," an exploding camera, and a guilty conscience led to … no arrest in Wisconsin, but the story is still attracting attention nationwide. The Wisconsin State Journal reports on the unidentified 32-year-old man at the center of it all, showing up Tuesday at a Madison... More »

He Wanted a Quick Buzz. He Left Looking 'Stooge'-Like

Cops: Barber cited for giving customer bad haircut, snipping his ear with scissors

(Newser) - A young man who went for a pre-Christmas haircut got a disorderly one, while his barber got slammed for disorderly conduct, the Wisconsin State Journal reports. Per Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain, the 22-year-old patron headed over to Ruby's Salon on Friday and asked for an inch off the... More »

Wisconsin Balloon Assault Draws Police Inquiry

State employee allegedly popped balloon with knife

(Newser) - Wisconsin police are busily investigating a vicious… balloon stabbing? Strange but true: A pro-union protester says that a state worker popped her heart-shaped balloon with a knife yesterday, and then, when she asked for his name so she could complain, shoved her into a door and ran off, the Wisconsin ... More »

Wisconsin Protesters Close Pro-Walker Bank

Hundreds gather outside M&I Bank, some withdraw money

(Newser) - A Wisconsin bank branch was forced to close yesterday after hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside to protest its executives' campaign contributions to Scott Walker. A spokesman for M&I Bank said the branch had closed "under the advisement of the Madison Police Department." The president of a union... More »

Wisconsin Cops Tackle Rep Heading Into Capitol

Does Wisconsin want its Democratic politicians inside, or not?

(Newser) - Vigilant Wisconsin cops jumped a man heading into Madison's protest-wracked capitol building Thursday night and wrestled him to the ground. The problem? He was a state legislator trying to get to work. In video of the takedown, officers try to block a WISN cameraman as Democratic state Rep. Nick Milroy... More »

Protesters Leave Wisconsin Capitol

Judge rules against overnight stays but in favor of restoring public access

(Newser) - The final group of pro-union protesters left Wisconsin's Capitol peacefully late Thursday night, after a judge ordered their removal. The judge ruled that activists could not stay in the building overnight, but he ordered authorities to end the lockdown on the building and restore normal access by Monday morning, leading... More »

Wisconsin to Teachers: We'll Verify All 'Doctor's Notes'

School, Medical Society to examine claims

(Newser) - Teachers won’t get away with playing hooky to protest Wisconsin’s anti-union bill, school officials in Madison and Milwaukee said today, explaining that all "doctor's notes" must hold up to scrutiny. A conservative think tank caught doctors on tape passing out excuse notes to protesters this weekend, sparking... More »

Egyptians Treat Wisconsin Protesters to Pizza

Local pizza shop receiving orders from 12 countries, 38 states

(Newser) - It's protest pepperoni across the waters. Egyptian sympathizers are treating Wisconsin protesters to pizza, reports Politico . In fact, Ian's on State Street, a pizza shop haunt of UW-Madison students, has been busy filling orders from 12 countries—and 38 US states—to supply slices to protesters at the State Capitol... More »

Fleeing Wis. Dems: We're Exercising Our Rights

Crafty gov plans to slip through other bills while Dems are away

(Newser) - Call it the unfillibuster. Wisconsin Democrats still holed up in an Illinois hotel didn't turn tail and run out on a state bill vote slashing pay and rights for state workers—they exercised a political strategy, which they have every right to do, they argue. "For all of us... More »

AWOL Lawmakers Get Advice: Arrange Conjugal Visits

Wisconsin standoff has no end in sight, and Texas lawmakers know the feeling

(Newser) - Wisconsin's weird version of a filibuster continues with no end in sight. The Democrats who fled the state to delay a vote on an anti-union bill say they're willing to stay on the lam for weeks, protesters clogged the capital for the fourth straight day, schools remained closed, and the... More »

Daily Paper Dumps Print Edition for Web

Move by 90-year-old Madison paper an omen for industry

(Newser) - In an ominous sign of the times for printed news, a struggling 90-year-old Wisconsin daily newspaper is shutting down its daily print operation, but will continue to exist online, the New York Times reports. Most of the 18,000 current subscribers of Madison's afternoon Capital Times are switching to the... More »

Coed Killer Loose on Midwest Campus

Police boost campus area patrols

(Newser) - Police have stepped up campus patrols after a University of Wisconsin-Madison student was found apparently stabbed to death in her apartment Wednesday. The 21-year-old pre-med junior is the first Madison student murdered since 1996, reports ABC News. But police are investigating possible links to an unsolved murder in the city... More »

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