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First Lady Pushes Fresh Food

From White House to food banks, Michelle Obama advocates nutrition

(Newser) - When Michelle Obama served lunch to the homeless last week in Washington, she didn't just praise the soup kitchen; she praised the menu. "We can provide this kind of healthy food for communities across the country," the first lady said of the mushroom risotto and apple-carrot muffins at... More »

Philosophical Vintner Rethinks Wine

The bizarre techniques behind the Scholium Project

(Newser) - Abe Schoener is reinvigorating California wines with a decidely unorthodox, almost experimental, approach, writes Jon Bonne in the San Francisco Chronicle. Schoener, who lacks formal training, eschews the traditional do's and don’ts of the craft with his Scholium Project winery. His wines "are bizarre, ingenious and polarizing—quite... More »

Wines Tainted With Pesticides

Large majority of bottles in study contain hazardous substances

(Newser) - A large majority of European wines are tainted with pesticides and other toxic substances, a study by a consortium of environmental groups has found. Thirty-four of 40 bottles sampled, including grands crus from some of Bordeaux's most prestigious vineyards, contained hazardous pesticides, the Telegraph reports. But of the six organic... More »

3 Stories