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When Harry Met Sally Is So Wrong

Main characters should have stayed friends instead: Chloe Angyal

(Newser) - When Harry Met Sally... turned 25 years old last week, and on Reuters , Chloe Angyal is here to burst your nostalgia bubble: The movie "got it wrong," she writes. The film concludes that men and women can be "just friends" for a while, but that a truly... More »

Woman Has Sex Toy Removed After 10 Years

X-ray in Scotland revealed quite the surprise

(Newser) - A 38-year-old female patient was presented with symptoms including mild incontinence, sepsis, lethargy, and unexplained weight loss. Diagnosis: She'd had a sex toy inside her body for 10 years without knowing it, reports the Scottish Daily Record . Doctors in Aberdeen discovered the 5-inch toy, which was pressing against her... More »

Octopus Love Involves Strangulation, Cannibalism

Scientists observe one killing, eating her partner

(Newser) - Some guys fall asleep after a little love-making. But if you’re a male octopus, that nap can be more like eternal rest. Two scientists have detailed how carnal relations between a lady octopus and her lover can prove fatal for the male, especially if he’s not that well-endowed,... More »

Women Who Eat Apples Daily May Have Better Sex

Women indulging in the forbidden fruit experience better lubrication

(Newser) - Eating the forbidden fruit of an apple tree may be even racier than the Bible says. Women who eat one to two apples a day experience a better sexual quality of life than women classified as having "no regular apple consumption," according to a new study in the... More »

Women Feel Threatened by Peers in Red

Both men and women link color to sex

(Newser) - Researchers know that guys tend to find women in red to be alluring; now, they're investigating how women react to the color. Research headed by a University of Rochester psychologist finds that women see others wearing red "as if these other women are actively advertising" sexual availability. For... More »

You Know What's Good for You? Casual Sex*

*As long as you're doing it for the right reasons

(Newser) - In news you can be sure parents and clergy everywhere won't be throwing around the Facebooks, it turns out that sleeping around is good for you—and this from a Cornell Ph.D, not your more adventurous college roommate. In what Samantha Grossman at Time is cheekily calling "... More »

Women Like Men Who've Had a Partner or 2

More than those who've had zero: study

(Newser) - Men, want to land a girlfriend? Well, first you may need to ... land a girlfriend. Or two. A new study out of Australia finds that women are more likely to find a man desirable if he's already had one or two partners, the country's ABC News reports. "... More »

Bears Join List of Animals Who Perform Oral Sex

Two male brown bears in captivity in Croatia regularly engage in fellatio

(Newser) - Add one more creature to the list of animals known to engage in oral sex: A pair of male brown bears living in captivity in a sanctuary in Croatia have been observed engaging in fellatio regularly over the six years they were studied, report researchers in the journal Zoo Biology... More »

Teens Fall to Their Deaths While 'Having Sex'

Students were studying in London, met at party

(Newser) - Two teens died in a "tragic accident" in London on Tuesday—which witnesses say involved sex. The international students—an 18-year-old from Mexico known only as Miguel and 19-year-old Anastasia Tutik of Russia—hit it off at a party celebrating the end of exams, the Daily Mail reports. "... More »

Planned Threesome in Parked Car Ends in Crash

...and an investigation

(Newser) - A threesome in a parked car—what could go wrong? A 32-year-old in Wenzhou, China, apparently learned the answer to that question the hard way last Thursday, Shanghaiist reports by way of local media. Chung Yeh and two twenty-something women stripped down in his car and started getting busy, so... More »

Erotic Fiction Authors Share Secrets of Their Sex Lives

Survey finds they're more adventurous in the bedroom, or in canoes

(Newser) - The Fussy Librarian is out with a new poll that the Guardian thinks is contender for survey of the year: It asked 103 authors of erotic fiction about their sex lives and found that, by and large, these people know of which they write. Some examples:
  • 41% have experimented with
... More »

Cialis Maker Wants to Sell It Over the Counter

Eli Lilly seeks change for impotence drug

(Newser) - Cialis is already the world's best-selling impotence drug, and its makers hope to significantly ramp up sales by making it available over the counter, reports Reuters . Eli Lilly has struck a deal with French drug-maker Sanofi to sell a non-prescription version, assuming they first win the permission of health... More »

Experts Finally Define Premature Ejaculation

Encompasses men who acquired condition, have had it whole life

(Newser) - We all know what premature ejaculation is, but it turns out that until now, an agreed-upon definition of the health condition hasn't exactly existed. A committee of sexual medicine experts has changed that, formulating a new definition that for the first time speaks both to men who have experienced... More »

Cops: Man Tried to Have Sex With ATM

Then Lonnie Jackson Hutton allegedly tried to have his way with a picnic table

(Newser) - This may be the holy grail of weird sex crime stories: Police on Friday arrested a Murfreesboro, Tenn., man who was allegedly trying to have intercourse with a bar's ATM around 9:30pm, the Daily News Journal reports. Per the police report, 49-year old Lonnie Jackson Hutton "pulled... More »

Some Brains Are Wired for Sex

UCLA scientists say they have the first data to prove it

(Newser) - UCLA researchers say they've got the first physical evidence to support the notion that some people's brains are wired for sex, reports the Los Angeles Daily News . In the study, they asked men and women how many sexual partners they've had, and they also showed them images... More »

8 Weird US Sex Laws

Want to settle your tab with sex? That's a no-no in Alabama

(Newser) - Sex is an intimate act between two people ... except for when government is also involved. Some of the strangest laws of the land relating to the horizontal tango:
  1. In New Hampshire, it's illegal to cheat on your spouse—adultery being defined there, since the early 1800s, as "intercourse
... More »

17% of Us Would Have Sex With a Robot

Well, 'us' being the Brits who took a poll

(Newser) - Roughly 17% of us would have sex with a robot—"us," in this case, being Brits. A survey conducted by the University of Middlesex asked 2,000 people their thoughts on a range of robot-related questions, and the copulation question in particular is getting a lot of attention.... More »

Woman Busted for Loud Sex on Plane

Oh, and her parents were also on the Vegas-bound flight

(Newser) - A drunk British woman decided it would be a good idea to join the mile-high club with a man she'd just met on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to Las Vegas last week ... and the monumentally bad idea ended up getting her in serious trouble. Possibly the weirdest... More »

In This Country, Women Pick Chocolate Over Sex

French women say they know where happiness lies

(Newser) - French women have apparently found the key to happiness—in chocolate. According to a new poll , French woman say food (chocolate in particular) is the most important factor in happiness, the Chicago Tribune reports. Men chose sex as number one, and gave it a 7.5 out of ten when... More »

Hubby Mysteriously Dies After Wife Denies 4-Way Sex

They argue, he falls 18 floors to his death, at least in one version

(Newser) - According to Michael A. Ochoa's wife, the 46-year-old had hoped to spend the wee hours of April 25 engaged in a foursome with his wife and another couple at a San Antonio hotel. Instead, he ended up dead, after falling 18 stories from his hotel balcony. Police last week... More »

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