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Please Stop Sending Porn, Propositions to Tony the Tiger

'Let’s keep things gr-r-reat—& family-friendly'

(Newser) - Warning: Stop reading now if you ever want to enjoy another bowl of Frosted Flakes. Apparently, the Tony the Tiger Twitter account has been besieged by pornography, sexual propositions, and more since the cartoon cereal mascot started blocking furries on social media, the Guardian reports. Let's back up. In... More »

ISIS Fatwa: 'Be Kind' to Your Sex Slaves

Ruling from special committee lays out mandates in excruciating detail

(Newser) - The "treasure trove" of ISIS intelligence nabbed in a May raid in Syria by US Special Operations Forces included one especially detailed document that's now being published for the first time after a Reuters review. "One of the inevitable consequences of the jihad of establishment is that... More »

NJ Cop Says Sex on Duty Shouldn't Have Led to Firing

Fernando Sanchez lost his job, wants it back

(Newser) - "I honestly don't think so." That's the no-so-honest answer a former New Jersey police officer gave to Union County prosecutors who asked him if he had sex in his police car while on the job. Fernando Sanchez ultimately reversed that line and admitted to having sex... More »

Elderly Lady: Neighbors Yell 'ISIS Is Great' During Sex

'Maybe taking see something, say something a little to far?' tweets police chief

(Newser) - It seems an elderly Wisconsin woman thinks a terrorist sleeper cell living next door accidentally let the cat out of the bag during a moment of passion. WDJT reports the 82-year-old Brown Deer resident called 911 when she said she heard a couple shouting "ISIS is good, ISIS is... More »

US Has 10 Men Certified to Help Women Enjoy Sex

Broadly profiles one of them

(Newser) - It is one of the most unusual, and rarest, jobs in the country: Larry Villarin is a certified male sex surrogate, one of only 10 in the US sanctioned by the International Professional Surrogates Association. But as a profile at Broadly makes clear, the 62-year-old Villarin is not to be... More »

Unique Porn Startup Battles 'Silicon Valley Prudes'

'Make Love Not Porn' is barred from usual tools of business because of content

(Newser) - It's a story about a pornography startup trying to make a go of it, but this one has a few unique twists. As a profile in Priceonomics explains, entrepreneur Cindy Gallop has a message behind her Make Love Not Porn video platform: She's worried about "the creeping... More »

In Small-Town Murders, a Big-Time Mystery Emerges

'One man shall die so that the other may live' was one suspect's cryptic statement

(Newser) - A Michigan town so small it doesn't have a McDonald's or a Walmart is the setting for a dark triple-murder mystery involving drugs, love-fueled jealousy, and a burned-out car, all outlined in the Detroit Free Press . The brutal killings of Heather Aldrich, her sister Carrie Nelson, and Nelson'... More »

Study: Raising Taxes on Booze Can Decrease STD Rates

In fact, it can be as effective as condom distribution in fighting gonorrhea

(Newser) - Don't like wearing condoms during risky sex? Best start lobbying your local lawmakers to increase the sales tax on alcohol. A study out of the University of Florida and published Wednesday in the Journal of Preventative Medicine found a correlation between gonorrhea rates and the price of alcohol. According... More »

Bad Sex Award Goes to the Author ... Morrissey

'The pained frenzy of his bulbous salutation extenuating his excitement'

(Newser) - Morrissey: acclaimed singer, well-known vegan , and now, winner of the infamous Bad Sex in Fiction Award. The honor was foisted upon him Tuesday night thanks to a passage in the singer's debut novel, List of the Lost, which follows a '70s-era Boston relay team whose four members are... More »

Here's How Often Happy Couples Have Sex

Once a week is ideal; additional sex has no effect on happiness: study

(Newser) - Couples who constantly " Netflix and chill " aren't necessarily happier. In fact, having sex once a week is just about perfect. That's the takeaway from a new study, based on surveys of more than 30,000 Americans gathered over 40 years, published in the journal Social Psychological ... More »

Open Letter to Chicago Men: Nix Gun Violence or No Sex

South Side woman was inspired by Spike Lee's new movie

(Newser) - Life in Chicago's violence-plagued South Side is far from normal. So when April Lawson recently spotted a whole bunch of guys hanging out, casually waiting for a new shoe store to open, she lost it. "You're watching these guys just ... buying gym shoes and carrying on like... More »

Introducing an STD You've Never Heard Of

Study suggests 'MG' affects 1% of sexually active people

(Newser) - Take heed, folks: There appears to be a newish STD in town. It's "newish" because doctors have known about mycoplasma genitalium, or MG, since 1981, but researchers have now found the strongest evidence to date that it can be transmitted through sexual contact. They analyzed urine samples from... More »

Parents Die in Hot Tub Before Daughter's Wedding

Husband had a heart attack and wife drowned

(Newser) - A Canadian couple was found dead in a hot tub at a Mexican resort this week just days before their only daughter's wedding, the New York Post reports. According to the Riviera Maya News , 67-year-old Charles MacKenzie and his 63-year-old wife, Dorothy, failed to show up for a family... More »

Notre Dame Tutor Made Students Have Sex With Daughter: Suit

Black plaintiff says sex trysts were 'racially motivated,' 'demeaning'

(Newser) - A black University of Notre Dame student says he was the victim of a "manipulative and predatory scheme" in which a white school employee coerced him into a sexual relationship with her daughter, the South Bend Tribune reports. A lawsuit filed against the school and the employee also alleges... More »

Shel Silverstein Was Hugh Hefner's Sidekick

His first real job? 'Playboy' magazine cartoonist

(Newser) - Shel Silverstein was kicked out of one college and dropped out of another, and he described those days gloomily: "I didn't get laid much. I didn't learn much. Those are the two worst things that can happen to a guy." His trouble with the ladies didn'... More »

Couple to Cops: Let Us Do Something 'One Last Time'

Leanne Hunn holds off police with bold remark

(Newser) - A man and woman have been arrested after officials say they prolonged a standoff with Florida police in order to have sex. Police say they responded Wednesday night to a Jacksonville mobile home in search of 34-year-old Ryan Patrick Bautista, who was wanted on several warrants including armed burglary, First... More »

Maine Principal Cancels Dances, Blames 'MTV/VHS'

This principal says grinding and twerking go too far

(Newser) - A Maine high school is doing away with all dances except the "classier" prom this year, the principal announced in an open letter to parents, and "modern dance culture" lies at the heart of the move. Dating himself considerably (or perhaps forgetting how VH1 is spelled), Gorham High... More »

Babysitter Who Had Sex With 11-Year-Old Boy Avoids Jail

Judge says her immaturity and boy's maturity 'narrows the arithmetic age gap'

(Newser) - A 21-year-old UK babysitter who admits to having sexual intercourse last November with the 11-year-old boy in her care has been spared a prison term in a controversial court ruling, reports the Guardian . Jade Hatt, who admitted to police that she straddled the boy, took off her clothes and then... More »

New NSFW Ad Has Tip for Becoming a Grandmother

Denmark does it again

(Newser) - “Send your child on an active holiday and get a grandchild within nine months." That's the message in a new ad from Danish travel agency and sexy commercial-maker Spies Travel. Time reports Danes average 1.73 children per couple, and the country as a whole is trying... More »

Campaign Launches To Stop Rise of Sex Robots

Artificially intelligent sex machines are just around the corner

(Newser) - Sex bots are coming—one expert believes they'll be commonplace by 2050—and two robot ethicists say now is the time to act to make sure R2D2 doesn't end up trapped in white slavery. Professors Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing, who launched the Campaign Against Sex Robots today,... More »

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