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Tsvangirai Boycotts Unity Government in Zimbabwe

But he's not pulling out of the coalition just yet

(Newser) - Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai’s party will boycott Cabinet meetings and cut off communication with president Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF, theoretically its partner in government. The move accompanies growing anger among members of Tsvangirai’s MDC over Mugabe’s strong-arm tactics and the jailing of a Cabinet minister-designate, the New ... More »

Tsvangirai Crash Was No Accident: MDC

Zimbabwe PM's party believes Mugabe was behind fatal collision

(Newser) - The car crash that killed Morgan Tsvangirai's wife last month may not have been accidental, the BBC reports, citing early reports from the investigation. Tsvangirai’s political party suspects the collision with a USAID truck was engineered to kill the Zimbabwean PM after he entered a power-sharing agreement with President... More »

Tsvangirai: Crash Was Probably an Accident

Only 'one in a thousand' chance foul play involved

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai today said that the car accident that killed his wife was likely just that: an accident. Tsvangrai’s MDC has raised suspicions that the crash could have been an assassination attempt, but the prime minister dismissed that theory. “When something happens, there is always speculation,” he... More »

Mugabe Snubs Opposition, Keeps Key Ministries

Unity government already in trouble

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's new unity government already is in jeopardy, and it hasn't started governing yet. Robert Mugabe handed out government ministries yesterday and kept the meaningful ones, including the army and police, for his own party, the BBC reports. The opposition MDC "totally and absolutely rejects this nonsense," said... More »

Tsvangirai: Zimbabwe 'Moving On'

New PM talks about challenges facing him in uniting dueling parties

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe's newly appointed PM after months of strife against President Robert Mugabe, is ready for the challenge of uniting his nation's dueling political factions. In an interview with the Guardian, Tsvangirai said that while Mugabe's Zanu-PF party is "moving on" without him, it's unlikely Mugabe will ever... More »

Teen Rapes Reported at Mugabe Torture Camps

Pregnancy spike among victims as militia crushes Mugabe opposition

(Newser) - Teenage pregnancy rates have spiked after youth militia members began raping Zimbabwean girls in President Robert Mugabe's torture camps, human rights workers tell the Times of London. The stigma against rape victims has kept the victims mostly silent, but a single hospital saw a spike of 16 expectant teenagers, and... More »

Election Is On: Mugabe

International condemnation falls on deaf ears

(Newser) - Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s party maintains that tomorrow’s runoff election will go ahead as planned, despite international condemnation and the withdrawal of the opposition candidate, the New York Times reports. Former challenger Morgan Tsvangirai insists he wants negotiations between the two parties instead of polling. The president has... More »

Tsvangirai May Drop Out

Opposition may withdraw to end violence

(Newser) - Morgan Tsvangirai is seriously considering dropping out of Zimbabwe’s presidential run-off vote, an official in his party tells the BBC, in view of the mounting campaign of violence against his supporters and the diminishing prospects for fair polling. “There is a huge avalanche of calls and pressure from... More »

Mugabe's Militia Burns Enemies' Wives Alive

One woman had hand, feet chopped off; another was pregnant

(Newser) - Zimbabwean opposition leader Patson Chipiro came home Friday to a burning house. “I was trying to put the fire out,” he says. “I thought my wife was hiding in the bushes.” But Mrs. Chipiro was in the blazing house, where militia men loyal to Robert Mugabe... More »

Zimbabwe Army Said to Plot Killing of Opposition Chief

Snipers would have gunned down MDC leader Tsvangirai on return

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s military has a plan to assassinate opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, according to Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change. An MDC official said today that the armed forces been ruling Zimbabwe since the March 29 election, and would have had snipers gun down Tsvangirai had he returned to the... More »

Zimbabwe Will Vote Again Next Month

Mugabe sets date of June 27 for run-off with Tsvangirai

(Newser) - Zimbabwe will go to the polls again on June 27, the government announced today, in one last run-off between President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai will take part, despite earlier threats to boycott over alleged fraud and government intimidation, the BBC reports. The opposition leader won the... More »

Official Results Finally Out in Zimbabwe

Commission calls for runoff; opposition calls it 'daylight robbery'

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s official election results are finally out, Reuters reports, and as expected, they call for a runoff between opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe. Tsvangirai won 47.9% of the vote, the election commission found, beating Mugabe’s 43.2% but not hitting the 50% necessary to... More »

Mugabe's Party Wins First Recount

Zanu-PF retains seat

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF has won the first of the parliamentary recounts, the BBC reports, retaining a seat challenged by the MDC opposition party. The MDC says the partial recount, which mainly targets MDC seats, is an attempt to rig the election. Zanu-PF meanwhile tried to distance itself from an... More »

Mugabe Didn't Win: Brown

British PM says 'stolen election would not be an election at all' in Zimbabwe

(Newser) - Gordon Brown said today Robert Mugabe lost Zimbabwe’s March 29 election, implying that Mugabe means to change the results while delaying their release, the Guardian reports. "No one thinks, having seen the result at the polling stations, that President Mugabe has won. … A stolen election would not... More »

Court Rejects Zimbabwe Poll Petition

Won't force Mugabe to release election results; recount stands

(Newser) - A Zimbabwean high court today rejected a petition to force President Robert Mugabe’s government to release its long-delayed election results, the BBC reports. Instead, the ruling party will be allowed to go through with its recounts, which the opposition believes are a ploy to rig the parliamentary election. More »

Recount Ordered in Zimbabwe

African leaders urge quick release of election results

(Newser) - Zimbabwe's opposition leaders are crying foul today over a planned recount of last month's election results, Reuters reports. "They had custody of the ballot boxes for two weeks and they must have stuffed them with their votes," an opposition spokesman told BBC. Zimbabwe's election officials ordered the recounts... More »

Zimbabwe Opposition Vows to Boycott Runoff

Party says it won the election 'hands down'

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s opposition party today announced it would boycott a runoff of the presidential election, saying their candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai, won the vote “hands down.” Official results from the election still have not been released, but President Robert Mugabe is thought to be pushing for a runoff vote,... More »

Opposition Rejects Recount in Zimbabwe

High court to rule on election results tomorrow

(Newser) - Zimbabwe’s opposition leader today rejected a demand by President Robert Mugabe for a vote recount, the BBC reports. Morgan Tsvangirai, who has accused Mugabe of plotting a violence to maintain power, called a recount “illegal” and “impractical.” Meanwhile, a high court said it will rule tomorrow... More »

Mugabe's Party OKs Run-Off

Ruling regime still sitting on Zimbabwe election results

(Newser) - As Zimbabwe awaits official results of last week’s election, president Robert Mugabe’s party announced today that he would not oppose a run-off with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, CNN reports. The law requires the electoral commission to report results within 6 days of an election, but no results materialized;... More »

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