Genarlow Wilson

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Defendant in Teen-Sex Case 'Not Bitter'

After 2 years in prison, Wilson wants to be a mentor to others

(Newser) - Genarlow Wilson is home and, far from being bitter, making plans to help others learn from his mistakes. "I feel I have a testimony to share," he said on this morning's "Today" show. Wilson, 21, was freed Friday after serving 2 years of a 10-year term for... More »

Freed Wilson Set on College

Determined to "succeed in life" after two years behind bars for teen sex conviction

(Newser) - "I've got a new life," Genarlow Wilson said yesterday as he left prison after two years behind bars for a teen sex conviction. "You will not be disappointed," he vowed to his supporters. "I plan on succeeding in life." Wilson was released after the... More »

Ga. to Free Defendant in Teen-Sex Case

State supreme court rules 10-year sentence 'cruel and unusual'

(Newser) - The Georgia Supreme Court today tossed out a controversial 10-year prison sentence handed down to a 17-year-old who had consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old, calling it cruel and unusual. Citing a "seismic change" in how oral sex between consenting teens is viewed, the court ordered Genarlow Wilson released,... More »

AG Defends 10-Year Sentence for Teenage Sex

Argues judge can't throw out sentence just because it's now a misdemeanor

(Newser) - In Thurbert Baker's own words: "As attorney general, it is my responsibility to follow the laws of Georgia as they are written, not how some may wish they were written." Baker was defending, in an opinion piece in the Altanta Journal-Constitution, his prosecution of a Georgia teenager who... More »

Teen Sex Case Takes a Turn

Judge throws out 'cruel and unusual' 10-year sentence; AG plans to appeal

(Newser) - A judge ordered a 21-year-old Georgia man freed from prison today, ruling that his 10-year sentence for aggravated child molestation—receiving consensual oral sex from a 15-year-old when he was 17—was "cruel and unusual" and that keeping him incarcerated would be a "miscarriage of justice." The... More »

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