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Iraq Suicide Attacks Kill at Least 48

Bombers target anti-Qaeda militia group Sahwa

(Newser) - Twin suicide bombings killed 48 people today, including dozens from a government-backed, anti-al-Qaeda militia who were lined up to get their paychecks near a military base southwest of Baghdad, Iraqi officials said. The bombings were the deadliest in a series of attacks across Iraq today aimed at the Sons of... More »

US-Backed Militias Curb Iraqi Women's Rights

'Sahwa' stabilize areas but rule with medieval customs

(Newser) - Women's rights in Iraq are devolving under the rule of US-backed militias, Newsweek reports. These Sahwa or "Awakening" groups have stabilized regions, but rule with medieval laws and customs: In some areas, women are commonly kept at home, forced to wear headscarves, or are married into polygamous relationships, Newsweek... More »

2 Stories