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Democrat Wins Virginia's AG Race—by 165 Votes

But recount expected in state's tightest-ever election

(Newser) - Virginia has declared a winner in the state's tightest election ever: Democrat Mark Herring has been certified as the next state attorney general. But the fight may not be over: The Washington Post expects a recount. More than 2 million voted in the election, but Herring beat fellow state... More »

Maduro Grabs State TV to Blast US, 'Nazi' Opposition

As Washington demands recount

(Newser) - Venezuela's new honcho is proving to be no less dramatic than Hugo Chavez, with Nicolas Maduro breaking into state television no fewer than three times yesterday to blast the US and opponent Henrique Capriles. As the New York Times reports, Maduro worked "himself into what seemed to be... More »

Protests Rage After Venezuela Refuses to Recount

Capriles not accepting 'illegitimate ' result

(Newser) - Police in Caracas fired tear gas to disperse furious opposition supporters after Venezuelan electoral authorities decided there would be no recount of the presidential election result, despite Nicolas Maduro's slender margin of victory . Opposition leader Henrique Capriles insists that he, not Hugo Chavez's anointed heir, is the real... More »

Allen West Finally Concedes

After 2 weeks of recounts and court battles

(Newser) - Allen West finally threw in the towel this morning. He handed the House seat to challenger Patrick Murphy following two weeks of court appearances and two partial recounts that ultimately increased the distance between the two candidates in the incredibly close race. "There are certainly still inaccuracies in the... More »

After Clamoring for Recount, Allen West Losing Harder

Meanwhile, Dems accuse Gov. Rick Scott of interfering in race

(Newser) - It looks pretty clear at this point that Tea Party favorite Allen West did not win re-election to his House seat in Florida, but he's not giving up—and now, Democrats say, even Gov. Rick Scott has interfered in the race, WPTV reports. The Florida secretary of state—who... More »

Recount Ordered in Mexico

More than half of presidential election ballots to be reopened

(Newser) - Enrique Peña Nieto's victory in Mexico's presidential election is looking a lot murkier than it did over the weekend. The country's election authority has ordered 78,012 ballot boxes—54.5% of the total—to be reopened and recounted. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who came in... More »

Democrats Already Prepping for Wisconsin Recount

They've hired 440 lawyers for 'election protection activities'

(Newser) - If you wanted a quick, clean outcome for today's recall election in Wisconsin, bad news: Democrats are already openly preparing for a recount, and have hired more than 440 lawyers to monitor polling places and perform "election protection activities," state party chair Mike Tate tells Politico . He... More »

Iowa Was Actually 'a Split Decision'

Who won? Well, either Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum

(Newser) - We'll never know for sure who actually won the Iowa caucuses. After a recount, Rick Santorum was found to have finished ahead of declared winner Mitt Romney by 34 votes, but the results from eight precincts are missing and will never be certified—meaning "it’s a split... More »

Dem Files for Recount in Wis. High Court Race

JoAnne Kloppenburg seeks recount despite 7K vote margin

(Newser) - JoAnne Kloppenburg filed a request with Wisconsin election officials yesterday that asks for a full recount of all votes submitted in the April 5 state supreme court election. Kloppenburg was initially thought to have beaten the incumbent, David Prosser, by around 200 votes. Two days after the election, however, the... More »

GOP's Prosser Wins Disputed Wis. Race

7,316-vote victory within margin for Kloppenburg to demand recount

(Newser) - Wisconsin has certified GOP-backed David Prosser the victor by 7,316 votes in the disputed race for a 10-year term on the state's supreme court. Prosser immediately trumpeted that "the will of the electorate is clear with the last canvass now completed," reports the Journal-Sentinel, and called... More »

Dêjá Vu! Minnesota Begins Recount

It's getting to be a tradition

(Newser) - Minnesota hit the reset button today in another close election as workers began the tedious task of reviewing more than 2.1 million ballots in the governor's race—one at a time and under the watchful gaze of lawyers for Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Tom Emmer. The recount follows... More »

Norm Coleman to Joe Miller: Give Up Already

Alaska candidate should realize it's time to quit, former senator says

(Newser) - Norm Coleman knows a thing or two about fighting close elections, and he has a message for Joe Miller: Give up. "I think that race is over. I think the counting’s been done. I’m not sure there’s anything that would change that," the former Minnesota... More »

All Votes for Murkowski Go Through One Woman

Gail Fenumiai oversees unprecedented election

(Newser) - With 98,500 write-in votes cast in the Alaska Senate race, the contest is being decided through the actions of one woman: Gail Fenumiai, the director of Alaska's Division of Elections. Fenumiai has been personally overseeing the unprecedented count, in which write-in ballots—some with significantly mutilated spellings of Murkowski's... More »

9 Races Still Up in Air

Minnesota governor's race headed for recount

(Newser) - More than a week after America went to the polls, seven House races are still too close to call and two statewide elections are undecided. The results look certain to make the historic Republican win in the House even bigger, the Los Angeles Times notes, with Democratic candidates defending all... More »

Both Parties Get Ready to Recount

Teams of lawyers, flacks ready to roll anywhere

(Newser) - With races from Alaska to Nevada to Florida looking to go down to the wire and beyond, Politico reports that both parties have been readying SWAT teams of lawyers, PR people, and political operatives for quick dispatch to any number of recounts. While recounts can drag on for months, experts... More »

9 Lessons for the Inevitable Recount

First of all, if you don't have a lawyer ready ... it's too late

(Newser) - With at least six Senate races too close to call, and even more in the House, at least one recount is inevitable this Election Day. In the Washington Post , Jay Weiner offers up nine lessons from the high-profile recounts of 2000 (Bush-Gore) and 2008 (Franken-Coleman):
  • Lawyer up—yesterday: Al Franken
... More »

Iraq's Prez Demands Election Recount

Joins PM in call to 'preclude any doubt' over results

(Newser) - Iraqi President Jalal Talabani today called for a recount in this month's parliamentary elections, to "preclude any doubt and misunderstanding" in the results of a tight race between PM Nouri al-Maliki and a secular rival amid widespread confusion and accusations of fraud. Al-Maliki, whose bloc is among those seeking... More »

Maliki Demands Recount as Party Lead Slips

Iraq boss accuses election panel of tampering

(Newser) - Iraq's prime minister accused the country's election commission of manipulating national vote results and ordered a recount as a rival coalition edged into the lead over his bloc with 79% of of the tally in. Nouri al-Maliki's State of Law coalition is still ahead in the province-by-province count, but challenger... More »

Atlanta May Need Recount to Settle Mayor's Race

Kasim Reed has a razor-thin lead, with provisional ballots pending

(Newser) - The Atlanta mayor's race remains too close to call. Kasim Reed led Mary Norwood by 758 votes out of 83,000 cast in yesterday's runoff election, a razor-thin margin of .92%. Only about 700 provisional ballots remain to be counted, but the race is so tight that Norwood isn't conceding.... More »

Hoffman 'Unconcedes' in NY-23

Still, Conservative calls overtaking Dem Owens 'long shot'

(Newser) - Though he's not even sure if he can do such a thing, the Conservative candidate in the special election in New York's 23rd Congressional District told Glenn Beck this afternoon he's "unconceding" after recounts narrowed his deficit with several thousand absentee ballots still uncounted. "If I knew this... More »

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