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Kidnapped Teachers Have a Message for Trump

American, Australian seen in Taliban video

(Newser) - The Taliban released a video Wednesday showing an American and an Australian who were kidnapped in August, the first time they've been seen since their abduction. The two men, an American identified as Kevin King and an Australian identified as Timothy Weekes, were abducted outside the American University of... More »

The US Computer Geek Who May Be ISIS' 2nd in Command

The chilling story of John Georgelas (aka Yahya Abu Hassan) of Texas in the 'Atlantic'

(Newser) - What Yahya Abu Hassan has described as the "best day of his life" involved sneaking his emaciated, pregnant wife and three sick young kids through a barbed-wire fence over the Syrian border to Turkey, where he didn't even say goodbye before they were whisked to safety. That day... More »

US Teacher Seized in Yemen

Officials say he's suspected of spying

(Newser) - Yemeni officials say an American who worked as an English teacher in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, has been detained on suspicions of espionage. The officials told the AP on Wednesday that he was arrested at his house in Sanaa on Tuesday and taken to the national security headquarters. Witnesses told... More »

Courtroom Shocker: Man Hears Sentence, Kills Himself

US man living in Taiwan had just been handed 4-year sentence on drug conviction

(Newser) - A despondent reaction in a Taiwanese courtroom Thursday morning left a 41-year-old American dead. After he was handed a four-year sentence on a drug conviction, Tyrel Martin Marhanka killed himself, the Washington Post reports. Per the Taipei Times , a judge had just informed Marhanka of his punishment for growing pot... More »

This Is the Most 'American' State

New slogan: 'It's as American as Iowa'?

(Newser) - America is the land of the free and the home of the brave, but Iowans are a little freer and braver than the rest of us, apparently. In what the Des Moines Register calls a "totally unscientific study," Estately ranks the 50 states on "Americaness." It... More »

US Prisoner in N. Korea Gets Visit From Mom

Kenneth Bae doesn't look 'that bad' in Pyongyang hospital, says mom

(Newser) - Nearly a year after his arrest and a month after talks to release an American prisoner in North Korea broke down , Myunghee Bae has finally seen her ailing son . North Korean authorities granted her a visit to Kenneth Bae in a Pyongang hospital, reports CNN . They reportedly met today for... More »

US Citizen Killed in Raid on Gaza Aid Flotilla

White House had urged restraint, warned of Americans on board

(Newser) - An American citizen who'd been living in Turkey was among the nine people killed in Israel's raid on aid ships bound for Gaza. Forensic reports say the man, 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, was shot in the head four times, and once more in the chest, ABC News reports. The revelation comes... More »

Found: Good, Cheap US Wines

(Newser) - It’s not easy, but it is possible to find inexpensive American wine that “will fascinate and intrigue,” Eric Asimov writes in the New York Times. Whereas European vintners grow a diverse range of regional grapes, Americans generally stick to classics like cabernet sauvignon, resulting in “a... More »

Can Baseball Save America —Again?

(Newser) - Players like Joe DiMaggio and Babe Ruth inspired America to endure the Great Depression, but with the season kicking off tonight, can overpaid and steroid-ridden players still mean something in hard times? Eric Spitznagel hits the spring training circuit for Vanity Fair to find out—and puts the question to... More »

Spend, Baby, Spend —or We're Sunk

(Newser) - Our massive economy will remain stuck until hoarders open their wallets and "roll the dice" once again, Daniel Gross writes in Newsweek. Investors and consumers alike must regain their "penchant for gain and risk... some of the essence of what makes us American." Until that caffeinated, delirious... More »

UN Official Kidnapped in Pakistan

No leads yet in refugee worker's abduction

(Newser) - An American working with a UN refugee agency in southwestern Pakistan was kidnapped today by gunmen who killed his driver, reports the Times of London. The attack occurred as the official from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which aids Afghan refugees in the city of Quetta, headed to... More »

US Phrases That Annoy Brits

"Happy Holidays", and "Have a nice day," irksome Americanisms

(Newser) - Toby Harnden must live among Yanks in his job as a correspondent for the UK's Telegraph, and sometimes American phrases drive him nuts. Here are his worst offenders:
  • Happy holidays (just say Christmas, please)
  • Have a nice day (make it stop)
  • You're welcome (this one's just "Pavlovian" to him)
... More »

Mumbai-Linked Terror Crew Hunts Western Recruits

Lashkar-e-Taiba seen as stepping stone to al-Qaeda

(Newser) - The Islamic militant group thought to be behind the Mumbai terror attacks has recruited Westerners, particularly Americans and Britons, to aid in planning and executing attacks, the Los Angeles Times reports. A 23-year-old Brit, convicted this year on terror-related charges, was among the Lashkar-e-Taiba adherents helping get converts to Pakistan... More »

Chronically Ill Worse Off in US Than Elsewhere: Study

Health costs, medical errors scare more than in other rich nations

(Newser) - Chronically ill Americans are more likely to forgo medical care because of high costs or bad experiences than counterparts in a number of other rich nations, a study finds. Researchers interviewed 7,500 adults with conditions like cancer, arthritis, depression, and diabetes, and the Americans led the complaints. Dutch patients... More »

US Aid Worker Shot Dead in Pakistan

Gunman kills man and driver

(Newser) - Gunmen shot and killed an American aid worker as he traveled to work today in northwestern Pakistan, the latest in a spate of attacks on foreigners in the militancy-wracked country. The shooting occurred in University Town, an upscale area of Peshawar where a top US diplomat was attacked just a... More »

Hillary Camp Memo: 'Paint Obama as Un-American'

Strategist argued Obama's links to 'basic American culture' are 'limited'

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s top campaign strategist urged her to paint Barack Obama as un-American, reports the Atlantic in an upcoming article obtained by Politico. Clinton should empahsize that Obama's ties “to basic American values and culture” were "limited," according to a campaign memo. “Does anyone believe... More »

Keep the Hummer: Save America's Soul

Yes, it's obnoxious; that's why we need it

(Newser) - Sure, the Hummer is more of a "cartoon" than a vehicle, a ridiculously over-the-top gas-guzzling monstrosity. But the unbridled optimism it takes to manufacture it—and to fill up the tank—is what makes it uniquely American, writes Matthew DeBord in the Washington Post. If GM axes it, or,... More »

When GOP Says 'American,' It Really Means 'White'

On unpopular side of issues, McCain and Co. seem set to play to biases

(Newser) - John McCain’s first post-primary ad declares him “the American president Americans have been waiting for," and the repetition tells all, Harold Meyerson writes in the Washington Post. Forget "strong," or "experienced," he notes. For the GOP, " ‘American’ is a term to... More »

Passengers Air a Record Number of Complaints

Skies unfriendlier than ever

(Newser) - Airline passengers on domestic flights are unhappier than they've been in years, with consumer complaints up 60%, according to the annual Airline Quality Rating survey. Long delays, cancellations, overbooking, late arrivals, and lost baggage accounted for most of the complaints, which haven't been this bad since 2000, reports the AP.... More »

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