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Gene Test Can Tell Who Needs Chemo, Who Doesn't

98% of 'low-risk' breast cancer patients who didn't get chemo were alive 5 years on

(Newser) - Chemotherapy is "not pretty," a breast cancer survivor tells the AP —so a new study on women with early-stage breast cancer is encouraging, claiming a gene test can parse out patients who may be able to skip chemo because it won't ultimately provide much, if any,... More »

Manning: I'll Pay for Hormone Treatment

Seeks approval for therapy

(Newser) - If the military prison holding Chelsea Manning will allow hormone treatments, Manning herself is open to covering the costs, her lawyer tells the AP . A Fort Leavenworth prison spokeswoman has already said the facility won't provide the therapy, but Manning and her lawyer, David Coombs, are hoping it "... More »

Jane Fonda: Testosterone Ignited My Sex Life

Actor advises older women to take the hormone

(Newser) - Jane Fonda has a confession to make: Testosterone has fueled her intense septuagenarian libido. "I discovered testosterone about three years ago, which makes a huge difference if you want to remain sexual and your libido has dropped," she tells the Telegraph . "Use testosterone. It comes in a... More »

Pharma Ghostwriters Penned Medical Papers on HRT

Drug firms may play bigger role than thought in medical lit

(Newser) - Ghostwriters funded by a drug firm were deeply involved in writing papers supporting therapies that helped the firm’s sales boom, court papers show. The 26 scientific papers, published in medical journals from 1998 to 2005, highlighted the benefits of hormone replacement therapy over the risks, a boon to Wyeth,... More »

Combo Treatment Halves Prostate Death Rates: Study

Researchers say using radiation plus hormones should be worldwide practice

(Newser) - Using radiation therapy in combination with hormone treatment can double the survival rate of patients with advanced prostate cancer, a new European study finds. Of those men given only standard drugs, 24% died after 10 years, compared to less than 12% of those given both treatments. Combined treatment is already... More »

Allowing Children to Choose Gender Is Slippery Slope

Parents' inclination to let children decide what's best raises all sorts of questions

(Newser) - For parents raising boys who profess to be girls and vice versa, puberty blockers may seem a godsend, writes Hanna Rosin in a look at gender—and transgender children—in the Atlantic. Boys will emerge from their teens with no Adam's apple, girls will bypass menstruation, allowing them to live... More »

Volatile Market Hooked on Testosterone

Study pinpoints role of bullish hormone in boorish traders

(Newser) - The buying and selling of the world's wealth is at the mercy of aggressive men and their hormonal fluctuations, neuroscientists have discovered. While that doesn't come as a big surprise, the study isolates the major role that testosterone plays in making boorish traders exceptionally bullish—and the part the hormone... More »

Medicare May Be Behind Prostate Treatment Move

After funding cut, more doctors used surgical castration over injection

(Newser) - Slashed Medicare reimbursement might have altered how doctors treat prostate cancer, pushing them to favor castration surgery over hormone therapy, USA Today reports. A study in the journal Cancer shows hormone-therapy injections jumped in the 1990s and early 2000s, while castration surgeries decreased. But when Medicare halved what it paid... More »

8 Stories