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Yes On Phones, No On Talking: Poll

Passengers would use cell's silent features, don't want neighbor yammering in their ear

(Newser) - Americans want wireless service on airplanes, but not voice calls, PC World reports. A survey finds 60% would use silent features like texting and email, but 74% think that no matter what, conversations shouldn’t be allowed. Americans "don't want to be forced to listen to the conversation of... More »

In-Flight Cell Use Cleared For Takeoff in EU

Airlines will choose whether to offer service, which might be pricey

(Newser) - Good news for the EU-based air travelers who suffer BlackBerry withdrawal as soon as their plane takes off: Mobile-phone use in European airspace could be available as early as next month. The European Commission has cleared the technology needed to make calls from 10,000 feet up, and has left... More »

2 Stories