Colombia Free Trade Pact

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Congress Passes 3 Free-Trade Pacts

Obama scores win with S. Korea, Colombia, Panama deals

(Newser) - President Obama scored a victory with the passage of a trio of free-trade pacts yesterday, marking America's biggest trade expansion in nearly 20 years. The House and Senate both approved the pacts with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama. While the Latin American pacts may have little impact, the South... More »

Obama Urges Bush to Help Automakers

But president links Detroit aid to Dem backing for Colombia free trade pact

(Newser) - Barack Obama urged President Bush during their White House meeting yesterday to extend emergency aid to the auto industry, the New York Times reports. The president indicated that he might be willing to approve Detroit aid and a broader economic stimulus package—but only on the condition that the president-elect... More »

Bush Derides Pelosi's 'False Populism' in Trade Impasse

Speaker holding Colombia deal hostage, president charges

(Newser) - Saying the House's top Democrat has been swayed by "voices of false populism," President Bush today ripped Nancy Pelosi for blocking a trade accord with Colombia, the New York Times reports. "it’s bad for our hemisphere to have the United States of America turn its back... More »

Pelosi, Dems Hijack Colombia Free-Trade Deal

They change House rules to avoid a vote, angering Bush

(Newser) - Congressional Democrats thumbed their noses today at Bush's renewed efforts to pass a free-trade pact with Colombia. Bush sent the bill over Monday, mandating Congress to vote yea or nay within 90 days. Or so he thought. Nancy Pelosi is changing the House rules and won't allow a vote until... More »

Bush to Give Congress Colombia Bill

But Dems will likely kill trade pact over human rights

(Newser) - President Bush said today he is handing Congress a much-disputed Colombia free trade pact, the Washington Post reports. But with both Democratic presidential candidates and many lawmakers opposing it, the bill has little chance of passing. Democrats have long blasted Colombia for failing to protect labor advocates and curb violence.... More »

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