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Obama Can Lead a Peaceful World: Kissinger

Former secretary of state admires president's early moves

(Newser) - Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger has warm words for President Obama, whom he describes as "like a chess player who has opened his game with an unusual opening" in an interview with Der Spiegel. "I have no quarrel with the opening move," he adds. "I... More »

No Hard Knocks for Peace Corps in Downturn

Obama, recession boost interest in volunteer group

(Newser) - During a commencement address last month, Barack Obama singled out the Peace Corps as an American institution dedicated to "opportunity, equality, and freedom." As the Los Angeles Times reports, the president's glowing praise—combined with Obama-era idealism and a weak job market—has contributed to a 16% jump... More »

Bush's Failures Show the Need for Pragmatic Prez

Like Hoover, Dubya stuck to his principles rather than compromise

(Newser) - What exactly made George W. Bush such a terrible president? His unwavering commitment to his principles, Alan Brinkley argues in the New Republic. Most Americans favor idealists over realists, in theory, so the criticism might seem strange. But the presidents we remember for their lofty goals and convictions—such as... More »

Obama's Youth Army Takes Aim at Mom and Dad

Kids cajole elders on behalf of superstar candidate

(Newser) - Barack Obama has a secret weapon in winning over undecided voters: their children, who have glommed onto the Illinois senator as they would a rock star. Voters from both parties tell the New York Times that their issue has turned them around on the issues—or at least turned them... More »

4 Stories