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Assessing John Edwards' Comeback Chances

Atlantic polls image-makers on how to repair the damage

(Newser) - John Edwards’ public image hit new lows the past week, but the likes Richard Nixon, Eliot Spitzer, and Michael Milken have made successful comebacks, the Atlantic notes, in polling political spin doctors about Edwards’ comeback chances:
  • Bob Shrum: "The reality is so contrary to the image that he projected,
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Obama's 2004 Speech: A Star Was Born

(Newser) - Four years after Barack Obama’s keynote speech won him nationwide acclaim, the New Republic looks at how he landed the fateful speaking slot at the party convention. The pick was unprecedented because Obama was largely unknown—he wasn't even in the Senate—and he had never given a speech... More »

Kennedy Diagnosis Still in Works

Explanation could come today as senator remains in Boston hospital

(Newser) - Sen. Ted Kennedy remains in a Boston hospital today, four days after a seizure whose cause remains undiagnosed, the Herald reports. Results of medical tests done on the 76-year-old Democrat are expected today; Kennedy is likely to stay at Massachusetts General for a few more days before returning to his... More »

$14M Penn Tab Underscores Consultants' Fleecing Spree

Ex-strategist made up 9% of Clinton spending

(Newser) - Mark Penn leaves Hillary Clinton’s campaign with a hefty $14 million lining his own pockets, a new high in the skyrocketing world of campaign consultancy, and some 9% of all money Clinton has laid out to date. But ordinary Americans are newly in the position of having their donations... More »

4 Stories