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Relic in Ancient Basilica May Hold Apostle's Ashes

Archaeologists say small vessel in Bulgaria came from John's grave site

(Newser) - Archaeologists in Bulgaria think they've found ashes belonging to one of the 12 apostles. The team found a small lead container with ashes while excavating a basilica that dates back to the sixth century AD, reports Archaeology in Bulgaria . The markings on the inch-long vessel match those at the... More »

Oldest Known Images of Apostles Found

Laser reveals 4th-century painting in Rome catacomb

(Newser) - The earliest known images of the apostles Andrew and John have been found in a catacomb beneath Rome. Archaeologists found the 4th-century images after using lasers to burn away centuries of calcium deposits on frescoes in a Roman noblewoman's tomb, the Guardian reports. Paintings of Peter and Paul were also... More »

'Gay Last Supper' Sparks Rage

Catholics upset over Vienna museum's painting of apostle orgy

(Newser) - A tiny Vienna museum with ties to the Catholic Church has became the target of worldwide outrage after displaying a homoerotic mural depicting the Last Supper, ABC News reports. The painting, by one of Austria's most cherished artists, shows naked apostles drinking and having an orgy. It has now been... More »

3 Stories