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Twitter Says It's Suspended 125K Accounts for Terrorism

'We condemn the use of Twitter to promote terrorism'

(Newser) - Twitter announced Friday that it has booted more than 125,000 terror-related accounts from its social-media platform since the middle of last year, CNBC reports. The accounts were suspended for supporting terrorist attacks or for threatening to carry out attacks. "Like most people around the world, we are horrified... More »

Stripper's Epic Twitter Tale Is Becoming a Movie

James Franco will reportedly star and direct

(Newser) - Aziah "Zola" Wells' epic 148-tweet rant "about why me & this b---- here fell out" will be adapted for the big screen. Variety reports James Franco will direct a film based on David Kushner’s in-depth Rolling Stone article "Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind The... More »

Andie MacDowell's Airline Complaint Leads to Uproar

Actress wasn't happy about bump to tourist class

(Newser) - Andie MacDowell says that she'll no longer be doing two things: paying for first class on American Airlines and complaining on Twitter. USA Today reports that a kerfuffle began on Friday, when the Groundhog Day star tweeted "HELP" to @AmericanAir because she had been downgraded from first class... More »

5 Top Execs Out in Twitter Exodus

CEO says they're leaving voluntarily

(Newser) - Twitter now has five fewer characters at the top. The company confirmed Sunday night that four top execs—media head Katie Jacobs Stanton, product head Kevin Weil, engineering chief Alex Roetter, and human resources VP Brian "Skip" Schipper—are leaving in what amounts to a major shake-up, reports Reuters... More »

Twitter Account Will Find Your Doggy Doppelganger

The resemblance is uncanny. Seriously.

(Newser) - Some dog owners look like their pets. Others might go a lifetime without finding their doggy doppelganger—until now. Thanks to @YouAreDogNow , Twitter users from around the world are being matched with their canine twin, per the San Francisco Chronicle . Users tweet the account a photo and wait for an... More »

Afghanistan's Latest Furor: Woman With Nose Cut Off

Reza Gul pictured online after abusive husband attacked her

(Newser) - To call attention to the plight of women in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission tweeted a gruesome picture Monday. The image shows 20-year-old Reza Gul just after her husband sliced off her nose; someone in the picture is holding what appears to be the nose in a plastic... More »

Ariz. Now Tweet-Shaming 'Loser' Deadbeat Dads

Account to post photos, names of 421 parents

(Newser) - Sure, Twitter is great for debating Making a Murderer theories, but now it's also facilitating the state-sanctioned shaming of "deadbeat dads" into paying child support. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced Monday that the state would begin posting photos and names of "losers" who owe child support, using... More »

Twitter Shows Canadians Really Are More Polite

Canadians use words like 'great,' while Americans use words like [expletive]

(Newser) - Two Canadian linguists and a whole bunch of tweets just proved something many Americans already assumed about their neighbors to the north: They're by and large much nicer. Or as Vox puts it: "It is a generally assumed principle, much like the sun rising in the east or... More »

Twitter Plans to Change Its Signature Character Limit

Sources tell re/code the new limit could be 10K characters

(Newser) - Is Twitter about to change its very essence? Multiple sources tell re/code that the company plans to allow users to tweet things that are up to 10,000 characters, rather than just 140, though you won't see all 10,000 characters on your feed. Rather, the typical 140 characters... More »

Carrie Fisher Has a Message for Ageist Haters

'Youth and beauty are not accomplishments,' she writes

(Newser) - Some moviegoers have been quick to point out that Carrie Fisher's Princess Leia in The Force Awakens isn't quite as dashing as she once was. "Carrie Fisher is this angry, loud mouth, fat woman now," one viewer wrote on Twitter . "Princess Leia got fat,"... More »

Hackers Take Over 'God' Shkreli's Twitter

He says his arrest was a 'real injustice'

(Newser) - America's most hated pharmaceutical exec had America's most hacked Twitter account on Sunday. "I am now a god," read one of the less vulgar posts from whomever took control of Martin Shkreli's account. Other posts promised to "donate hundreds of thousands to charities before... More »

Ex Speaks Out on Dating George Zimmerman and Topless Photos

'He’s a very charismatic person when you first meet him'

(Newser) - “It’s horrible. It’s very violating." Twitter suspended the account belonging to George Zimmerman on Thursday after he tweeted topless photos of his ex-girlfriend Heather, along with her phone number, her email address, and accusations that she slept with a "dirty Muslim" and stole guns and... More »

Twitter Boots George Zimmerman Over Topless Revenge Pics

'This is Heather. She cheated on me with a dirty Muslim'

(Newser) - Infamous Florida man George Zimmerman has been kicked off Twitter at least temporarily after managing to fit harassment, slut shaming, Islamophobia, misogyny, and bigotry into 140 characters or less. The New York Daily News reports Zimmerman—who was acquitted of killing black teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012—tweeted two topless... More »

Reese's Peanut Butter 'Trees' Cause Mass Confusion

The attempt at pumpkins had similar results

(Newser) - It is a tree? Is it a turd? Is it worth getting upset about? Some say yes to the last and are taking to social media to complain about the blob-like shape of the Hershey Company's latest attempt to make holiday-themed Reese's peanut butter cups, reports CNN —... More »

Airline Loses Boston Bombing Survivor's Prosthetic Leg

But Twitter was on it

(Newser) - Adrianne Haslet-Davis has her prosthetic leg back, but not after quite a bit of inconvenience. The Boston Marathon bombing survivor (a professional dancer who lost her leg but didn't let that keep her from dancing ) tweeted Thursday to call out American Airlines: "Hi @AmericanAir u lost my... More »

Anonymous Launches Cyber War on ISIS

ISIS' response: 'Idiots'

(Newser) - Anonymous is following through with its promise to target ISIS in a cyber war after the Paris terror attacks. Operating under the hashtags #opISIS and #opParis, the group has begun leaking the personal details of alleged ISIS recruiters, reports the Independent . Anonymous also has compiled lists of social media accounts... More »

Amid Panic, Parisians Used Hashtag to Offer Shelter

Facebook activated 'Safety Check'

(Newser) - Amid the horror of the Paris terror attacks , there was a response from ordinary citizens that the city can be proud of. With the hashtag #PorteOuverte , meaning "open door," Parisians offered shelter to tourists and others stranded by the chaos, Mic reports. People were desperate to find safe... More »

How an Epic Twitter Tale Mixed Scary Truth With Fiction

The 'Washington Post' takes a deep look at Zola the stripper's incredible story

(Newser) - Since a 19-year-old Detroit stripper named Aziah King (aka Zola) tweeted out a story of epic proportions on Oct. 27, she captivated millions of online readers, including studios, producers, and even Missy Elliott, who wrote : "That Zola story wild. Ended up reading the whole thing like I was watching... More »

Twitter Gets a Heart, Internet Loses Its Mind

So long, 'favorite' star

(Newser) - Twitter changed its star-shaped "favorite" icon to a heart-shaped "like" icon Tuesday. Understandably, this has torn the social-media community asunder. CNET reports the heart is an attempt to simplify Twitter to attract more users and advertisers. Akarshan Kumar at Twitter explains that the "like" heart is universally... More »

Margaret Cho: I Was a Sex Worker

And there's 'no shame in it,' she says

(Newser) - Apparently in response to public shaming of sex workers, Margaret Cho opened up on Twitter Thursday about her past in just that line of work, the New York Daily News reports. "Sex work is simply work. For me it was honest work. I was a sex worker when I... More »

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