Nepalese elections

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Nepal to Become a Republic

People celebrate as monarchy ends

(Newser) - Nepal is becoming a democratic republic today—and it's getting its first taste of democracy's hiccups. As thousands gathered in the streets of Kathmandu to celebrate, the newly-elected constitutional assembly met to abolish the country’s monarchy. But the momentous vote has been delayed a few hours over disagreements about... More »

Carter Wants US to End Pariah Diplomacy

Ex-president says isolation has failed, touts Hamas progress

(Newser) - The US needs to put its failed “pariah diplomacy” strategy out to pasture, writes Jimmy Carter in today’s New York Times. By ostracizing its enemies, the US is making it unlikely they will moderate their policies. “The path to peace lies in negotiation, not isolation,” Carter... More »

Nepal Set to Abolish 240-Year-Old Monarchy

Voters out in droves for first election in 9 years

(Newser) - Voting is under way in Nepal's parliamentary elections, where citizens of the Himalayan nation are expected to endorse parties that will oust the 240-year-old monarchy, reports AFP. UN observers have commended a high turnout despite eight deaths in protests ahead of today's polling, the centerpiece of a peace deal between... More »

3 Stories