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Rio Olympics Table Tennis Has a Ball Problem

Players say new balls break easily and bounce unpredictably

(Newser) - You know what they say: That's the way the ball bounces. Or maybe that's the way the ball bounces. And that ball just broke in half instead of bouncing at all. The New York Times reports complaints are flying fast and furious among table tennis players at the... More »

Forget Soccer Moms— Meet Ping-Pong Parents

Immigrants' kids dominate table tennis scene

(Newser) - Good old-fashioned American sports parenting meets immigrant drive at the India Community Center in the Silicon Valley town of Milpitas, Calif., which is churning out the country’s best young ping-pong players. Top coaches from India and China are schooling the children of high-tech workers who know the drill for... More »

Winehouse Ping-Pong

Amy Winehouse stays in to play table tennis, considers a butt job

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse has a new addiction. What vice is it this time: Cocaine? Her ex-husband? Nope. It’s her new ping-pong table. “She barely leaves the house,” a source tells the Mirror . In equally ridiculous Winehouse news, the recently-breast-enhanced singer is now pining for bigger boobs—and considering... More »

Celebs Lead Ping-Pong Renaissance

Nerdy game gets a trendy makeover

(Newser) - Forget dusty suburban basements: Ping-pong, once the sport of nerds and misfits, is enjoying an unlikely image makeover at the hands (and paddles) of A-list devotees flocking to trendy ping-pong clubs, reports the Independent. At the star-studded opening of exclusive new ping-pong hall SPiN, in New York, Susan Sarandon... More »

Pickup Ping-Pong Rules Chinese Playgrounds

Columnist gets schooled playing pick-up in Beijing

(Newser) - China’s domination in table tennis is well documented—the top nine players in the world are Chinese, and the country nearly always takes the gold medal. But the LA Times’ Bill Plaschke wanted to see the sport in its natural habitat: in the park. Ping-pong tables dot Beijing the... More »

Ping-Pong Got Ball Rolling to Beijing Games

Two players braved Sino-US frost with landmark '71 visit

(Newser) - It wasn't statesmen who broke China's 22 years of isolation from the West in 1971, but rather, Sports Illustrated notes, grown men with paddles. When Glenn Cowan accidentally jumped on the Chinese team bus during world table-tennis championships in Japan, star Zhuang Zedong brushed aside Mao's anti-capitalist harangues to greet... More »

Game, Set, Match to China

World of table tennis is international, but not really

(Newser) - Go to a table tennis match between, say, Poland and Finland, and you’ll see something confusing. “It’s just Chinese playing against each other,” says America’s national team coach. China is so mind-bogglingly dominant at table tennis that it exports players throughout the world and still... More »

7 Stories