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'Baseball Archaeologist' Proves Sport's History a Lie

David Block shows it's existed since the 18th century at least

(Newser) - It turns out, America's national pastime probably predates the nation itself. That's one of the fascinating things Bryan Curtis at Grantland learned by paying a visit to David Block, one of the only people investigating the secret prehistory of baseball. The 69-year-old has reinvented the field by approaching... More »

Lay Off A-Rod: 'Clutch' Is Just Luck

Or, more accurately, maybe there's no such thing

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez may be one of the greatest hitters of all time, but fans have always derided him for not being “clutch” enough, for not winning it all, for not being a “real Yankee” like DiMaggio or Berra or Mantle or Jackson. But stat geeks have long argued... More »

Baseball May Kill You

(Newser) - If you’re thinking about a trip to the ball park, you’d better have some good insurance. In their new book, Death at the Ballpark: A Comprehensive Study of Game-Related Fatalities, Robert Gorman and David Weeks chronicle 850 baseball-related deaths, listing them in reference-like fashion. You’d likely be... More »

Fandom: Baseball 'Kings' Sit, Soccer 'Plebes' Stand

(Newser) - Try putting a European soccer match and an American baseball game on split screen sometime and looking at the stands. You’ll notice a bunch of standing soccer fans, and a lot of sitting baseball spectators. Austin Kelley set out to explain that phenomenon for the Wall Street Journal, finding... More »

Cubs Swinging for Wrigley Record

Lovable losers are on pace for record 62 home wins

(Newser) - Shhh, don't jinx it: The Chicago Cubs not only lead the National League, they're playing better at home than on the road. The lovable losers are 26-8 at Wrigley Field, a record they last held before going to (and losing) the World Series in 1918. Now they're on pace for... More »

Vintage Unis Make a Comeback

Throwback jersey company revives sports history

(Newser) - Ebbets Field may be long gone, but Ebbets Field Flannels is still bringing back wearable pieces of baseball history. ESPN takes a tour of the vintage jersey company that Jerry Cohen started in 1987 to fulfill special orders for throwback sportswear. Since then, the business has stayed niche but the... More »

6 Stories