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Egypt Throws Book at 9 for Tahrir Square Sex Assaults

Court hands out life sentences in apparent crackdown

(Newser) - Faced with rampant and public sex assaults over the last three years, Egypt today threw out a decisive deterrent and sentenced nine men to hefty jail terms, reports the Guardian . Seven men were given life sentences—three of those received multiple life sentences, notes the AP —while another two... More »

Israel Resumes Airstrikes as Ceasefire Unravels

Truce lasted 6 hours, during which Hamas reportedly fired 50 rockets

(Newser) - As ceasefires go, Egypt's proposal to halt Israeli-Hamas hostilities didn't appear to actually cease that much fire: Though Israel accepted the plan, which took tenuous hold at 2am Eastern, Hamas rejected it and Israel officially stuck a fork in it this morning after six hours of what it... More »

Egypt Offers Ceasefire Proposal

Israel, Hamas say they're considering it

(Newser) - Egypt presented a ceasefire plan today to end a week of heavy fighting between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip that has left at least 185 Palestinians dead, and both sides seem to be considering the proposal. The late-night offer by Egypt marked the first sign of a... More »

Behind Journos' 7-Year Sentence: Vacation Photos?

Trio of al-Jazeera reporters convicted, sentenced today

(Newser) - Egypt today sentenced three al-Jazeera journalists to at least 7 years in prison on charges of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, which the country has deemed a terrorist organization—in a case that saw the prosecution provide scant and largely unrelated evidence. The men were also charged with creating false footage... More »

Egyptologist: I've Solved Mystery of Vanishing Army

Cambyses' troops weren't done in by a sandstorm but by another army, says professor

(Newser) - An expert on Egyptian history thinks he's figured out what happened to an army of 50,000 men that seemingly vanished in the Egyptian desert around 524 BC, reports Nature World News . Legend has it that the "lost army of Cambyses" got swallowed up in a sandstorm, an... More »

'End of the World' Plague Victims Found in Egypt

Likely measles or smallpox, it struck one writer as apocalyptic

(Newser) - Saint Cyprian described it in the third century AD as a plague that signaled the end of the world—and archaeologists have now uncovered its remnants in Egypt. An Italian team has published the results of its 15 years of research in ancient Thebes (today, Luxor), where a funerary complex... More »

Mob Sex Assaults Mar Egypt's Inauguration

Seven men arrested after graphic video

(Newser) - As crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square yesterday celebrated the election victory of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, things turned ugly: Mobs sexually assaulted at least five women, CNN reports. Graphic video of one attack shows a woman stripped and bloodied, facing continued attacks even as police take her to their vehicle. Seven... More »

Egypt Swears In a New President

El-Sissi replaces Mohamed Morsi less than a year after he ousted him

(Newser) - Egypt's former army chief Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi was sworn in today as president for a four-year term, taking the reins of power in a nation roiled since 2011 by deadly unrest and economic woes. El-Sissi's inauguration came less than a year after the 59-year-old career infantry officer ousted the... More »

American Jailed in Egypt to Obama: Help Me

Mohamed Soltan was arrested amid protests last year

(Newser) - A 26-year-old Egyptian American was imprisoned in Egypt last summer, and he's calling on President Obama to help him regain his freedom. Mohamed Soltan recorded a video addressed to the president earlier this year; it was smuggled out of prison in Cairo before his sister handed it to the... More »

'Jon Stewart of Egypt' Calls It Quits

Bassem Youssef says 'harassment' led to final decision

(Newser) - Looks like Bassem Youssef's reign as the "Egypt's Jon Stewart" is kaput. The popular TV personality and comedian said today in Cairo that he's ending the show—and won't be coming back this time, the Washington Post reports. He divulged little, but referred to "... More »

In Egypt Election, Ex-Army Chief Crushes Sole Opponent

El-Sissi takes 92% of vote amid tepid turnout

(Newser) - With nearly all votes in Egypt's presidential election counted, the country's former military chief has won a crushing victory over his sole opponent with more than 92% of the votes, according to results announced by his campaign early today. The campaign of retired field marshal Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said... More »

Egyptian Archaeologists Report 'Very Important' Find

Authorities hope tomb at Saqqara will boost sagging tourism industry

(Newser) - Archeologists have found a tomb dating back to around 1100 BC south of Cairo, and scholars think it belonged to Egypt's ambassador to foreign countries at the time. The discovery at Saqqara—the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and site of the oldest known pyramid in... More »

Discovered: Secret of Pyramids' Construction

In a word, water

(Newser) - When you picture Egypt's pyramids rising over the country's sands, your vision likely doesn't include water. It should, according to a new study published online Tuesday. University of Amsterdam researchers found that ancient Egyptians employed what calls a "clever trick" to facilitate the pyramids'... More »

Ancient Image of Jesus Found in Egypt Tomb

Painting of curly-haired figure thought to date to 6th or 7th century

(Newser) - Archaeologists exploring the ancient Egyptian city of Oxyrhynchu believe they have uncovered one of the earliest images of Jesus ever found. The figure painted on the wall of a hidden room deep in an ancient tomb shows "a young man with curly hair, dressed in a short tunic and... More »

Leading Reporter on Egypt Uprising Dead at 31

Bassem Sabry was widely respected for even-handed, hopeful coverage

(Newser) - Bassem Sabry, a journalist lauded for his coverage of Egypt's 2011 revolution, has died in an apparent accident at age 31. Sabry wrote for al-Monitor and the Huffington Post, among other publications, and he was widely cited internationally, the Guardian reports. Though he once worked as a strategist for... More »

Egypt Condemns 683 to Death

Youth movement that helped bring down Mubarak banned

(Newser) - An Egyptian court has sentenced 683 people—among them the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood —to death after an attack on a police station last year that killed a cop. The verdict was met by an outpouring of grief from crowds outside the court, as well as condemnation from... More »

UK Investigates Muslim Brotherhood

Officials fear London could be used for planning

(Newser) - Concerned that London could serve as a terrorist planning ground, David Cameron has ordered an inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood's activities in Britain, the New York Times reports. Britain's ambassador to Saudi Arabia will lead the inquiry. In the past, Britain has seen the Brotherhood as a relatively... More »

Egyptian Tomb May Contain Scribe's Many Wives

But it's missing mummies and an entire pyramid

(Newser) - A newly excavated Egyptian tomb contains fascinating art objects but lacks just a couple of things—like a mummy and the pyramid that once stood above it, LiveScience reports. Looted at least twice in antiquity, the 3,300-year-old tomb at Abydos still has a red sarcophagus painted with Egyptian Gods,... More »

Egypt Military Chief Seeks Presidency

Al-Sisi expected to win easily

(Newser) - The most powerful man in Egypt has thrown his military fatigues aside to run for president. Field Marshal Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, who led the overthrow of elected President Mohamed Morsi last summer, announced on TV late yesterday that he was stepping down as military chief to answer "the demand of... More »

Egypt Tries 682 More— Plus Brotherhood Leader

Lawyers boycott trial presided over by judge who ordered death of 529

(Newser) - A day after sentencing 529 people to death , Egypt launched another mass trial today, this time accusing 683 Muslim Brotherhood members—including the Brotherhood's top spiritual leader, Mohammed Badie—of crimes including murder and inciting violence in connection with a riot at a police station in Minya. Only 68... More »

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