100 hours

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First 100 Days? Too Slow for O

In new White House, change will happen in 100 hours—or maybe mere minutes

(Newser) - At minute one, everything changes. The inaugural passing of the baton will happen at lightning speed today, Politico reports, as the new team hits the ground running, amid an economic crisis that makes the traditional timetable obsolete. Through the morning, White House staff will work furiously to get the building... More »

Democrats Don't Live Up to Hype

New majority's accomplishments are few, and mostly symbolic

(Newser) - Seven months after wresting control of Congress from Republicans, Democrats have failed to make good on their promises, writes the Economist. Almost none of the bills introduced in the first "100 hours" has become law, AG Alberto Gonzalez still has a job, and an Iraq pullout is nowhere in... More »

2 Stories