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No More Topless Girls on Page 3 of the Sun

British tabloid drops controversial tradition, in print at least

(Newser) - For some 44 years, British tabloid the Sun has featured topless female models on its third page in a controversial tradition known as the "Page 3 girls." But no more: Though the Sun itself has not confirmed the change, another newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch, the Times , reports... More »

George Clooney: Shame on You, Daily Mail

Actor responds to fabricated article

(Newser) - The Daily Mail: so bad that George Clooney is actually responding to one of its articles. The story—which has since been taken down but is still excerpted on other sites including the New York Daily News —claimed that the mother of Clooney fiancée Amal Alamuddin objected to... More »

Murdoch Honchos' Trial Begins in Britain

Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson face phone hacking charges

(Newser) - Today marks the beginning of a phone-hacking trial centered on two former bosses at Rupert Murdoch's News Corp: Rebekah Brooks, once head of News International, and Andy Coulson, former editor of the now-shuttered News of the World. Brooks is accused of hacking mobile phone messages, paying off public officials,... More »

UK Report Blasts Murdoch, Press for Wreaking 'Havoc'

Leveson report being watched with keen interest domestically

(Newser) - Lord Justice Brian Leveson's long-awaited report on the various scandals surrounding News of the World and other British tabloids finally hit today, and it absolutely savages Rupert Murdoch's newspapers and the British press in general. The press, Leveson writes, has "wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent... More »

Ex-Cameron Aide Detained Over Alleged Perjury

Andy Coulson detained in Scottish case with ties to phone hacking scandal

(Newser) - The former top media adviser to UK Prime Minister David Cameron was detained today on suspicion of perjury in the trial of a flamboyant ex-Scottish lawmaker—the latest case tied to allegations of wrongdoing by British tabloid newspapers. Andy Coulson, 44, was detained by Scottish police at his home in... More »

Murdoch's Sun Regularly Paid Off Corrupt Officials

Investigation reveals 'culture ... of illegal payments': police

(Newser) - Reporters for Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid made a habit of paying off not just the police but also public officials, normalizing a "culture ... of illegal payments," the officer leading the police investigation into News International told an inquiry today. "Systems have been created to facilitate those... More »

5 Sun Staffers Arrested in UK Bribery Scandal

Police investigate possible payments to police, defense officials

(Newser) - Five staff at Britain's largest selling tabloid the Sun were arrested today along with three other people over alleged bribes paid to police and defense officials. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. said in a statement that police had also searched the homes of the five staff and the group'... More »

Hugh Grant Testifies: Mail Hacked My Phone

Says Mail on Sunday hacked his voicemail

(Newser) - Hugh Grant’s latest role—as a central figure in the British phone-hacking scandal—continues to develop, as he testified in the case, accusing the Mail on Sunday of hacking his phone in order to fabricate a story about his personal life. The paper, he said, suggested that his relationship... More »

Heather Mills: Mirror Hacked My Phone

Piers Morgan implicated in phone-hacking scandal

(Newser) - Heather Mills and Piers Morgan are at the center of the latest twist in the British phone-hacking scandal. Mills claims that a senior journalist at the Daily Mirror admitted hacking into her voicemail while she was dating Paul McCartney in 2001, and called her up to quote from a message... More »

Did Piers Morgan Admit to Phone Hacking?

Tape from 2009 interview raises questions

(Newser) - Did Piers Morgan sanction a bit of phone hacking while in charge of the Daily Mirror? The CNN host has been denying it all week, after a British lawmaker accused him of it. But now, audio has surfaced online of a 2009 radio interview in which Morgan seems to admit... More »

Hacking Scandal Hits Mirror

Ex-employee claims practice was standard a decade ago

(Newser) - Rupert Murdoch's empire might not have been the only media out there with a fondness for hacking phones: As the AP reports, Britain's lefty tab the Mirror is the latest fishrag on the dartboard in the spreading scandal. "It was seen as a bit of a wheeze,... More »

Ex-Execs Contradict James Murdoch Testimony

They say he was told of email revealing extent of hacking

(Newser) - James Murdoch’s testimony to members of Parliament on the tabloid scandal is again being challenged , this time by two former News International executives. An ex-News of the World editor and another exec say that contrary to what the younger Murdoch testified, they “did inform” him of an email... More »

As Scandal Rages, Murdoch Charges In

Hacking debacle could topple long-dominant British tabloids

(Newser) - With a $19 billion deal on the rocks, Rupert Murdoch is on the ground in London to face the phone hacking scandal head on. Reading the final issue of his News of the World tabloid, Murdoch arrived this morning at his UK newspaper headquarters even as opposition leader Ed Miliband... More »

Hugh Grant Schools Former NotW Editor

Actor to Paul McMullen: 'Try real journalism'

(Newser) - Hugh Grant was one of the victims of the News of the World phone hacking scandal, and in a confrontation Mediaite calls "amazing," he slammed a former NotW editor yesterday on the BBC. Some background: Grant had a chance run-in with Paul McMullen last year, and McMullen told... More »

Foxy Spy May Spill All

Maybe able, willing to sell story to UK tabloid

(Newser) - Russian spy Anna Chapman's plea bargain agreement, which bans her from cashing in on her story, may only be enforceable on US soil, meaning Chapman could make a fortune selling her story, complete with pictures, to a British tabloid—a possibility Chapman may be considering, her lawyer tells Newsweek . Chapman... More »

Suspected Spy's Ex: Anna Was Great in Bed

Alex Chapman tells and shows all to Brit tab

(Newser) - It's only logical: If you're a hot Russian chick facing a stack of spying charges, then obviously some loser ex of yours is going to tell a tabloid what you were like in the sack. That loser ex is husband of 4 years Alex Chapman, who happily spills to the... More »

2007 Woods Cover-Up Exposed

Tiger Woods buried news of an affair with Mindy Lawton, sources say

(Newser) - A Men’s Fitness cover story on Tiger Woods in 2007 was actually a cover-up—a deal made to stop sister publication the National Enquirer from publishing a far more scandalous piece. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal Woods’ team made the deal after the Enquirer approached with pictures of... More »

Some UK Tabloid Stories Are Fake: Documentary

Starsuckers exposes tabloids' habit of publishing fabricated gossip

(Newser) - The upcoming British documentary Starsuckers proves what we’ve always suspected: Tabloids—at least, UK tabloids—will print just about anything, including “complete and utter babble,” the director tells the Guardian. Among the fake stories he got published—and, often, reprinted around the world: Avril Lavigne passed out... More »

Timberlake-Biel Off, Says... Justin's Granny

UK tab miraculously gets Timberlake's grandma for comment on Biel

(Newser) - You would think Justin Timberlake’s grandma has better things to do than talk to British tabloids, but apparently you’d be wrong. The Daily Mirror claims Sadie Bomar told Closer, “Jessica was keen to marry, but Justin isn't ready. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing... More »

Tabloid's Jackson Autopsy Report Fake: TMZ

Details were shocking, and apparently fabricated

(Newser) - Sources tell TMZ a story circulating on the Internet detailing Michael Jackson’s shocking autopsy results is not true. The supposed autopsy report, indicating that Jackson was bald and skeletal, had only pills in his stomach, and was riddled with needle wounds, among other things, was reported earlier today by... More »

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