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Five Best Jobs Left in Obama Administration

Highest-profile unfilled slots are energy, intelligence positions

(Newser) - State and Defense are taken, but Barack Obama has yet to fill several high-level administration positions. Politico looks at the top five open jobs:
  • Energy Secretary: Sustainable energy will remain a priority, despite the attention the economy will draw away. Key candidates: Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm; Dan Reicher and
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Anti-Abortion Allies Give Pro-Choice Obama an Edge

Pennsylvania's Casey, Indiana's Roemer help with social conservatives

(Newser) - For a man once labeled “the most pro-abortion candidate ever,” Barack Obama has enjoyed a lift among social conservatives with support from Bob Casey and Tim Roemer—even if the fit is imperfect, the Washington Post reports. Casey, the first-term Democratic senator from Pennsylvania, says Obama “has... More »

2 Stories