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Knicks Bared Lin Injury After Ticket Sales Deadline

Team knew Lin was done 2 days earlier: report

(Newser) - Jeremy Lin was on the injury list with "sore" knees when he had an MRI March 26 and learned of a torn meniscus. But the Knicks didn't announce Lin was out for the season until Saturday. So why the delay? The New York Daily News doesn't believe... More »

Under New Coach, Linsanity Might Be Over

Knicks' new leader favors defense over offense, says NYT writer

(Newser) - With the New York Knicks changing from being coached by the offense-minded, freewheeling Mike D'Antoni to the defense-first, old-school Mike Woodson, there's one undeniable conclusion—"it's the end of Linsanity as we know it," writes Howard Beck in the New York Times . Woodson is certain... More »

Hawks Clinch a Playoff Berth

Long postseason drought over thanks to Indiana loss

(Newser) - For the first time since 1999, the Atlanta Hawks are headed to the NBA playoffs after clinching the final spot in the Eastern Conference when Indiana, the only other team with a mathematical chance, lost at Washington 117-110. The league's longest playoff drought ended with Atlanta enjoying an off day.... More »

3 Stories