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Foodies Are Not 'Elitist'

It's their industrial critics who are guilty of that: Eric Schlosser

(Newser) - Industrial agriculture honchos like to brand foodies pushing for healthier practices as elitist, but they've got things exactly backward, writes Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser in the Washington Post . "America’s current system of food production—overly centralized and industrialized, overly controlled by a handful of companies,... More »

Hey, Times: Lay Off Snooki

'Jersey Shore' star doesn't deserve 'condescension'

(Newser) - Snooki probably brushed off Cathy Horyn’s “spectacularly condescending” New York Times profile . But in case she took it to heart, Mary Elizabeth Williams begs her, “do not ever change”—no matter what “that bitch from the paper of record” says. Williams may not be a... More »

Palin Channels Ahmadinejad

Her self-presentation, politics, and biography are like his

(Newser) - Sarah Palin and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have their differences—but their images, politics, and even life stories show significant overlap, writes Juan Cole for Salon. Both are former governors of “frontier states,” both drum up support through “wounded nationalism,” and both battle foreign influence. “Above all,... More »

NYC's 'Elite' Happy for Reinforcements: McInerney

Obama added middle-class whites in winning coalition, author writes

(Newser) - New York celebrated Tuesday night, cheers ringing through Manhattan. “The last time a stranger hugged me on the street was September 11, 2001,” author Jay McInerney writes in the Independent, hailing the broadened coalition that made Barack Obama’s victory possible. “This moment feels like the obverse... More »

Hillary Bundler Picks McCain Over 'Elitist' Obama

Lynn Forester de Rothschild to endorse McCain-Palin

(Newser) - Democratic fundraiser and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter Lynn Forester de Rothschild will endorse the McCain-Palin ticket today, Muckety reports. De Rothschild, who worked with the Democratic National Committee, has been a steadfast critic of the Dems’ decision to nominate Barack Obama, whom she called an untrustworthy “elitist” in a... More »

Georgia Rep Calls Obamas 'Uppity' Elitists

White Congressman denies racial implications of slam

(Newser) - An Atlanta-area Congressman described Barack and Michelle Obama as belonging to "an elitist class ... that thinks that they’re uppity,” CQPolitics reports. Lynn Westmoreland's comments, inspired by questions about recent speeches by Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama, touched off a linguistic battle over the word's racial implications. "... More »

Obama Flips 'Elitist' Tag Onto McCain

Flap over number of houses touches a nerve in both camps

(Newser) - John McCain's inability to recall how many homes he owns could throw a wrench in his attempt to paint Obama as an elitist, the Washington Post reports. The furious back and forth between camps—the Obama team pounced and mocked, while McCain's charged hypocrisy and pulled out the Rezko card—... More »

Dowd to GOP: The Elitism Crap Won't Work

Rove's attempts to paint Obama as snooty a 'hypocritical comedy'

(Newser) - The Republicans have been unrelenting in their attempts to paint Barack Obama as an elitist—pretty rich stuff, writes Times columnist Maureen Dowd, coming from a party led by a Connecticut-born "Richie Rich" whose daddy has bailed out his snide self time and again. The cosseted conservatives' "hypocritical... More »

What Hyde Park Tells Us About Obama

Lefty enclave is racially mixed, but lofty

(Newser) - "It is the most racially integrated neighborhood in the nation's most racially segregated city," Andrew Ferguson writes in the Weekly Standard of the area in south Chicago Barack Obama calls home. It's a college town, a lefty enclave where the moneyed mix with boho bookworms, and "NPR... More »

No More Mr. Nice Elitist

Bud-swilling Obama will connect with blue-collar votes if it kills him, Dowd writes

(Newser) - Barack Obama is trying his darnedest to shed the elitist vibe, writes Maureen Dowd in the New York Times, ditching his dainty sips at a Pennsylvania brewery for big swigs of Bud at an Indiana VFW. But for a man of mixed race and a blue-collar upbringing, it’s proving... More »

Michelle Touts Obamas as 'Just Folks'

Once struggling wife battles hubby's 'elitist' reputation

(Newser) - Michelle Obama is hammering home a message that she and her husband are just “regular folks" of humble backgrounds. She has become a key weapon as the candidate continues to be buffeted by criticisms that he's "elitist" in the wake of his characterization of rural America as Bible-thumping,... More »

No Bittergate Bounce in Polls

Obama loses a bit of Pennsylvania steam, but voters not deeply moved

(Newser) - Several new Pennsylvania polls confirm a slight shift in Hillary Clinton’s direction, but not one substantial enough to suggest Barack Obama’s “bitter” gaffe has deeply affected support. CNN’s poll of polls shows Clinton’s lead rising only two points (from a four- to six-point margin). Half... More »

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