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Chicago Fines Aim to Kick Smokers' Butts From Beach

City buried in millions of tons of litter

(Newser) - Chicago will fine smokers who toss cigarette butts on the beach—or within 15 feet of one— up to $500. The new law is aimed at cutting the cost of cleaning up after smokers, who have been forced outside by smoking bans, reports the Chicago Tribune. Millions of tons of... More »

Trash Fouls World's Beaches

Environmental group reports 6M tons picked up in one-day effort

(Newser) - One day of beach cleanup last year netted 6 million pounds of trash worldwide, an environmental group says. Volunteers in 76 countries collected an average of 182 pounds per mile of beach; the US weighed in at 390 pounds per mile, the AP reports. "We're the bad guys,"... More »

2 Stories