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Vitamin E Pills May Boost Risk of Prostate Cancer

Threat heightened even after men quit supplement, says study

(Newser) - Supplements we take for better health may actually be hurting us. Yesterday we learned that vitamins may carry an increased risk of death for women ; today's culprit is vitamin E, which may heighten the risk of prostate cancer. A study found that men who took the popular supplements faced... More »

Taking Too Many Vitamins Raises Cancer Risk

Antioxidants aren't as good for you as advertised

(Newser) - If you're one of the “worried well” chowing down on Vitamin C and E supplements because you think antioxidants are good for you, think again. A new study suggests that abnormally high levels of antioxidants might actually increase your cancer risk. Stem cell researchers discovered the danger by accident,... More »

Diet Slashes Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Load up on leafy greens, olive oil, nuts rather than saturated fat

(Newser) - Fill up on leafy green vegetables, nuts, poultry, and fish rather than red meat, butter, and full-fat dairy, and you may cut your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by as much as 40%, scientists said today. "We know that these foods are definitely helpful for other conditions and diseases,... More »

Vitamins Don't Change Cancer Risk: Studies

Perception that vitamins can prevent prostate problems is false

(Newser) - Two new studies debunk the perception that vitamin supplements help ward off prostate and other cancers, the BBC reports. The trials involving 50,000 men provided the most definitive results yet on the effects of vitamins C and E—or, rather lack thereof—on cancer. One study had planned to... More »

Vitamins Can Kill, Warns Shocking New Study

'No benefit' found in antioxidants

(Newser) - Antioxidant vitamin supplements do not improve health or prevent disease—and may even cause death, according to new research. In a stunning blow to millions who take vitamins, a review of 67 studies involving 230,000 users showed "no convincing evidence" that antioxidants had any benefit, and linked vitamin... More »

5 Stories